Venkatram Prasad


Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Apache Storm Java(j2EE) iBatis Node.js J2EE Hibernate Spring Hadoop Algorithms Distributed Systems
I am a B.E in Computer Science with 12 years of Completely Product Experience, currently playing a 100% Hands-on Technical Contributor Role in Java/J2ee/JavaScript/Node.js /Hadoop/Hive/RabbitMQ/Couchbase/Apache Storm/Data-structures/Algorithms seeking an opportunity to work in your Organization.

BE Computer Science from VTU University with 80% aggregate in 2004.
Pursuing MTech in Software Systems from Bits Bilani WLIP Programme.

Big Data Technologies :-
Hadoop and MapReduce Jobs
Apache Storm

Server Side Technologies :-
Caching Techniques
Algorithm Implementations
Fail-over Mechanisms
Query Optimization and Database De-normalization.
Interested Topics:-
Relevance / Ranking in Information Retrieval Subject
Distributed Databases Systems
Bayle’s Optimization Theorem

Algorithms :-
Query Tree Expression Builder for Evaluating Conditional Reports using Depth First Search in Dell Security Product
Indexed ranged search algorithms for IP Addresses in APIX Product.
Weighted Decision Matrix for Reareden Commerce Sourcing Solution.
Supplier Ranking Algorithm and Relevance Ranking by TFIF Formula.
Tree Traversal Techniques for Node Execution in Workflow Engine in Huawei ISAP Application Server.
Graph Algorithms for Graphical Editor Icon Display in MVC Based GEF Framework apps.
Monte-Carlo Probability Algorithms for the Calculation Engines in Duestche Bank Software Ltd.

UI Technologies:-

Staff Engineer at INTUIT INDIA PVT LTD

Sep 2016 - Present

Intuit has an online product QBO (Quickbooks online) which is used for taxation widely in the US. I have worked extensively on resiliency measures to handle downtime of dependent systems during the first QBO account signup process. This involved the following tasks, 1) Resiliency with Retry mechanism with exponential back-off 2) Circuit breaker adoption with Hystrix 3) Pooling mechanisms for pre-creation of entities to enhance resiliency 4) Solving for Thundering Herd Problems during Retry mechanisms 5) Spring boot based services on AWS for Store and Forward mechanisms 6) Spring based Scheduler for periodic retries of failed requests Technologies:-Core Java,Hystrix,Spring Boot, Spring Cassandra,Multi-Threading and Thread Pools, Http Connection Pooling

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Create mockups...
Defend the wall...
Draft storyboard...
Disrupt an industry...
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Become a unicorn...
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