Rohan Rao

Machine Learning Lead @ Paytm | Kaggle Grandmaster

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Data Analytics Predictive Modeling
I'm a 'Numbers'​ guy.

Post-graduate in Applied Statistics from IIT-Bombay.

Kaggle Grandmaster and among the Top-150 Kagglers in the world (Best rank 70th). My core expertise is in driving, pipelining and building Machine Learning solutions. I love data and hands-on coding.

My work has revolved around leading small teams and architecting end-to-end ML-driven solutions in products/platforms and getting them live into production.

I use Scala (Zepellin), Python (Jupyter) and R (RStudio) for most of my work. Git for maintaining codes and GCP/AWS when there's need for high computing power!

Have worked with SQL, Hive, Mongo for databases. Elasticsearch, Kibana for EDA and dashboards. Spark for distributed computing.

I've been among prize winners in various Machine Learning competitions on Kaggle / CrowdAnalytix / AnalyticsVidhya.

My dream project is to make 'Person Of Interest'​ a reality :-)

Six-time National Sudoku Champion. Became the first Indian to be ranked in the top-10 in the World in 2012 by securing 8th place. Current world rank 18th.

Five-time National Puzzle Champion. Current world rank 28th.

Three-time Times National Sudoku Champion.

Member of (high-IQ society) Mensa since 2006.

Machine Learning Lead at Paytm

Jan 2017 - Present

Solving problems for over 300 million customers using scalable machine learning solutions.

Advisor at Nibbl

Sep 2015 - Present


Post Graduation in Applied Statistics at IIT Bombay

Jul 2011 - Apr 2013

Push pixels...
Shovel coal into server...
Create mockups...
Defend the wall...
Draft storyboard...
Disrupt an industry...
Achieve profitability...
Become a unicorn...
Become Batman...