Vishwa Nath Jha

CEO & Co Founder at Gamut Analytics | Keynote Speaker | Enabling Conversational Commerce

Bengaluru Area, India

Deep Learning Apache Spark python Natural Language Understanding Scala Natural Language Processing R Artificial Intelligence
A graduate in Information Science & Engineering, Vishwa worked as an Artificial Intelligence & Data Science evangelist. He has helped thousands of students, faculties & professionals to break into Artificial Intelligence and Data Science space, through his training bootcamps on Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Deep learning, Big Data, etc.

He has collaborated with multiple data driven organizations such as: Fractal Analytics, Synechron, Edelweiss, GlobalEdge, etc. as well as with EdTech startups such as: Simplilearn, Upgrad, Zeolearn, Ufaber, SkillKnox, etc. He has also worked with students at IIM Ranchi, MISB Bocconi and professors at University of Houston, Texas, etc. He's a frequent speaker at leading AI/Big Data/Cloud Computing/Entrepreneurship Conferences in the country.

At, he is bringing Conversational Interfaces driven human lifestyle to a reality. Vishwa is on a mission to facilitate internet based conversational commerce in the native Indian languages to upcoming wave of approximately 536M indian language internet users.

Areas of Interest:

Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Speech Recognition, Conversational Agents


R, Julia, Python, Scala, SQL, Apache Spark, Spotfire, Tableau, Keras, PyTorch, Tensorflow, etc.

CEO, Founder at

Apr 2017 - Present

Chief Executive Officer at Gamut Analytics

Aug 2016 - Present

My days begin with an interaction with products team. I love to hear the exciting solutions they come up with for every problems they wrestle with. Meetings and calls with existing or potential clients lies next on the to-do list. Later in the day, I again sit with my products team and work towards development of products.

CEO & Co Founder at GamutData Consulting

Jul 2015 - Present

We provide training on tools and skills which are relevant to Analytics/Data Science industry. Our instructors are either working with organisations like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc or have worked in the past. We train students from premiere colleges of India as well as the experienced professionals who are trying to make an exciting career in Analytics/Data Science industry. Our modus operandi is to conduct bootcamps across premiere colleges where participants are trained on analytics specific skills and place them in different data-driven analytics companies using our network in Industry. We also undertake corporate training assignments from different organizations in the industry and help them in upgrading the skills of their employees on various cutting edge tools. Currently, following are the courses that we offer: * Introduction to R * Data Munging & Reshaping with dplyr & tidyr * Data Analysis with data.table in R * Visualization using ggplot2 in R * Statistics using R * Machine Learning with R *Introduction to Python *Data Analysis with Pandas *Visualization with plotly & matplotlib in Python *Statistics with Python *Machine Learning with Python *Introduction to Deep Learning with Tensorflow *Introduction to SaS *Advanced Analytics with SaS *Introduction to SQL *Advanced SQL *Introduction to MS Excel & VBA Programming, *Introduction to Alteryx *Visualization with Spotfire *Visualization with Tableau *Introduction to Qlikview, *Advanced features in Qlikview *Introduction to Hadoop & MapReduce *Data Analysis With Hive & Pig *Introduction to Impala *Introduction to HBase *Apache Spark with Python *Apache Spark with Scala *MLlib: Machine Learning in Spark *Spark Streaming: Real Time Analytics with Spark

Software Development Engineer - Algorithms at Germinait Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Feb 2015 - Jul 2015

Data Scientist at IntelligenceNode Consulting

Sep 2014 - Jan 2015

Analyst at Fractal Analytics

Dec 2013 - Sep 2014

Trainee Decision Scientist at Mu Sigma Business Solutions Pvt Ltd.

May 2013 - Nov 2013


Information Science & Engineering at Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering

Dec 2008 - May 2013

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Shovel coal into server...
Create mockups...
Defend the wall...
Draft storyboard...
Disrupt an industry...
Achieve profitability...
Become a unicorn...
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