Achintya Gaumat

Hiring geeks who can speak ML and Data Statistics

Gurgaon, Haryana, India

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I am a software engineer by profession and an entrepreneur by passion. I speak Laravel PHP, Android in day and ML, AI in night.

Known for -
- Problem Solver, you give me a practical problem, I will propose a highly efficient practical solution.
- Public Speaking, I can orate to a larger crowd with no hesitation.
- Managing a team, I can and have lead team of sizes upto 50 and more. I am a team player and a good leader too.
- Entrepreneurship, I am obsessed with it. I have developed deep insights on tech market trends over a period of time that may help people to build better products.
- Consumer Centric, I can figure out what consumer wants and shape products according to their needs.
- Social Media Marketing, I have been the manager of various facebook pages of our college's events, startups, initiatives and I know what will drive more attention.
- I am a Product czar, I love to create software products and shape them to perfection.

My professional career so far has been very challenging and full of obstacles, that has always urged me to work at par my skills. My experience has pushed me to improve my skills in every field.

When I am not working I am indulged in thinking about some fundamental aspects of life. Like Why do we cry? Why do we love? and try to find out patterns in the behaviours of people that I observe.

Technical Lead at Olready

Feb 2017 - Present

I am leading the development of all tech products at Olready including user web, android and iOS app, merchant web and android dashboard, and admin dashboard to support operations. I am leading and overseeing day to day operations of complete tech team of Olready. I work on Laravel PHP, MySQL, Android, Swift.

Founder & CEO at TwoWaits

Nov 2013 - Present

TwoWaits is a dream to help other people achieve their dreams by involving AI and ML or more specifically Deep Learning and Data Statistical Analysis. If you are willing to work on some kickass technologies, then we are hiring!


B.Tech CSE at HBTI, Kanpur

Jul 2012 - Apr 2016

Push pixels...
Shovel coal into server...
Create mockups...
Defend the wall...
Draft storyboard...
Disrupt an industry...
Achieve profitability...
Become a unicorn...
Become Batman...