Akshay Nair

Founder & CEO @ Erebor Fintech | Blog @ cryptx.in | Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Evangelist | Digital Asset Management

Hyderabad Area, India

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Institutionally - A Computer Science Engineer
Existentially - A Conversationalist & Marketeer
Passionately - A Futurist Geek
Professionally -A Problem Solver
Spiritually - A Transcendent of "Chita Agni"

I've always believed in democratic systems. With the flux of blockchain & its consensus algorithms, a chain of events were set in motion that will forever change the way we see "Trust" Trust as a commodity has been created. Decentralized systems with multiple duplicity turned out to be our greatest security feature.

It is evident that transparency in transactions, avoidance of "Single Point of Failure" systems and immutable data is what the world is moving toward.

I channeled multiple years of work in the computer science industry, at heart I am a digital product engineer. This led me & my partners toward building Erebor Fintech, a financial transformation startup that aims at creating a paradigm shift in the way that humans interact with entities like money, value & trust.

Digital Assets are the way forward. Allowing immutable data , programmable money & smart contracts allows an individual to truly become a global citizen. Erebor Fintech aims to bridge the gap in society by incorporating digital assets into the mainstream economy.

Feel free to read my blog @ http://cryptx.in

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You can get in touch with me on [email protected]

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Aug 2017
Chief Executive Officer at Erebor Fintech

Erebor Fintech is a startup based out of Hyderabad, India. Decentralization, smart contracts and consensus algorithms provide unparalleled data security along with immutability of records. Enterprises and organizations looking to adopt this technology will be at the forefront of providing their customers with streamlined and unadulterated information. We are currently working on the financial services sector as a key financial transformation player. Our products, services & customer service are built around best industry practices bridging the best of BFSI & IT sectors. My primary responsibility at Erebor is linked directly to the success of our customers & partners. If you'd like to know how your data on a block chain can forever transform the way you interact with data or if you'd like to see how your organization can create a monetary system for your customers and internal resources, we should speak. I can be reached on : [email protected] Digital Democratic Capitalism begins here, at Erebor Fintech.

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