Tadashi Yoshida

Founder & CEO, Tashiten Inc. Startup incubation & acceleration program development & New business development specialist

Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan

Startups Conversational Japanese Accelerator Incubators Japanese market Small Business Consulting New Business Development
Tad is a specialist in developing and managing a startup support program, such as accelerator program and incubation program. He initiated and operated the Japan’s first government managed accelerator program at SME support Japan, and currently commits on development of the new startup support program at Kochi prefectural government and Tokyo Institute of Technology. He provides consultation on new business development with Japanese large firms and SMEs in Japan, specialized in giving various business ideas to clients in their ideation phases. He also has extensive experiences in marketing and sales at an Australian firm and Japanese firms. Based on his various international experiences, he used to be an associated professor, manager of international cooperation, Office of Cooperative R&D, Tohoku University,
He awarded Ph.D. in Technology management at Tohoku university and completed MBA at Griffith University Nathan, in Brisbane, Australia.

Manager, Startup support and Regional Innovation, Office of Research and Innovation at Tokyo Institute of Technology

Mar 2017 - Present

I am responsible for supporting and nurturing startups at the university and seek opportunities to make a collaboration between the university and regions.

Founder and CEO at Tashiten Inc.

Feb 2017 - Present

"Tashiten" includes thee meanings, namely, "Outsiders' viewpoints", "Multi aspects" and "Add Ten". Our mission is "From outsider's viewpoints, we would like to provide clients with various thoughts, ideas and methods with multi aspects". Our specializations are "Supporting startups, mentoring for startup, development and management of startup accelerator program and new incubation system in the regional area.

Manager of Task force for Business Startup Centre at Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation Japan

Mar 2014 - Present

Task force for Business Startup Centre that will be launched on coming October


Ph.D. , Technology Management, Management of Science and Technology, Graduate School of Engineering at Tohoku University

Mar 2002 - Jul 2005

Topic of dissertation: Japanese Born Globals - Analysis of Early Internationalised Japanese Small and Medium Enterprises

MBA, Graduate School of Management at Griffith University, Nathan

Jan 1999 - May 2000

The university is located in Brisbane, Australia.