Sudarshan Agrawal

System Development Engineer at Orga Systems (Acquired by Redknee)

Kolkata Area, India

Orga Systems (Acquired by Redknee)

1000 /30mins

Short Biography

A Java Professional with 8 years of experience having knowledge on BPM tool(Cordys and JBPM) as well. I can help in BPM set up and development and design issue related to BPMs. I can also guide on Java.


System Development Engineer, Orga Systems (Acquired by Redknee)

Nov 2015 to Present

I am currently working on JBPM and Java. JBPM is a BPM tool to develop business flow. We are using JBPM as a part of order fulfillment.

System Development Engineer, Orga Systems

Mar 2015 to Present

Project Name : ACC Handover Project Description: ACC is Orga systems internal tool which server as the GUI for its product OPSC GOLD. Due to its complexity of use and not user friendly screens it is bot sold to customers. We need to take the handover of this tool and transfer it in to web based application. Environments/Skills used: EMF,RCP,SWT,java

System development engineer, Orga Systems

Mar 2013 to Present

Project manager; Key Result Areas:; External Training in BOP 4.3 I have been involved in an external training conducted by Orga Systems for BOP.It was a month long training which also includes cordys fundamental certification. Orga System wanted to deliver its future projects which includes workflow using BPM tool. Hence, BOP was selected and a team was built to accomplish this target. I was part of this BOP team

Sr. Software Engineer, Orga Systems

Mar 2013 to Present

1000 /30mins

Push pixels...
Shovel coal into server...
Create mockups...
Defend the wall...
Draft storyboard...
Disrupt an industry...
Achieve profitability...
Become a unicorn...
Become Batman...