Subrata Singh

Foundation for Ecological Security

Ahmedabad Area, India

Conservation Issues Common Research & Studies Institutional Strengthening Common Pool Resources Forestry Food Security Rural Community Development Biodiversity Natural Resource Management Ecology Climate Change Adaptation Sustainable Agriculture Livelihood Capacity Development Civil Society Environment Policy Social Research Rural Development Project Management Environmental Policy Microfinance Local Government Climate Change Grants Program Evaluation Capacity Building NGOs Sustainable Development Policy Analysis Public Policy Qualitative Research Proposal Writing International Development Corporate Social Responsibility Community Development Analysis Nonprofits Sustainability Project Planning Research Strategy
Over 20 years experience in development sector as a practitioner, researcher, facilitator and trainer.

Committed to working with rural communities and healthy ecosystems by:
• Promoting community-led development and management of natural resources;
• Resilience of village institutions to new challenges; sustainable utilisation of natural resources for livelihoods;
• Networking, liaising and developing relationships with diverse stakeholders involved on an issue
• Working through participatory approaches; facilitating dialogues, meetings and capacity building
• Conducting interdisciplinary research, consultations, monitoring and analysis base on the projects needs
• Working with appropriate institutional designs and local governance institutions and aspects of public policy.
• Developing donor relationships and securing grants
• Providing administrative oversight of programs and projects

Specialties: Institutions, Commons Governance, Natural Resource Management, Forestry, Local Governance, Collective Choice Arrangements, Decentralization & devolution, Project Management

Group Head, Project Support Group at Foundation For Ecological Security(FES)

Nov 2002 - Present

I am currently working with the Foundation for Ecological Security as the Group Head, Project Support Group, which coordinates the implementation of various Community-Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) projects in twenty six districts in seven states of India. My present role is to provide strategic and managerial support to the projects in various states for planning, implementation and review. Specifically, my responsibility involves information analysis and planning as a core support function of the Project Support Group. This involves in developing an understanding of the relationships between local communities and their resources, their culture and identity, and attempt to factor these understanding in institutional design, both at the village level and panchayats. The responsibility involves preparation of Proposals and interaction with the funding agencies. Coordinating project activities is an essential and a vital component of the job in the Project Support Group. The projects involve promoting stability of the ecosystems through the protection and restoration of biological diversity by working with and through a range of democratic village institutions, their federal bodies, civil society organizations, to promote initiatives that are ecologically sustainable, socially and economically equitable. The role involves providing support in terms of updated information, knowledge of policy issues in combination with capacity development of the teams to be able to implement the project efficiently and effectively in the evolving socio-political context. I am part of the core team in the organization that is responsible for evolving policy perspectives from the experiences of project implementation for advocacy on conservation and development policies in the country. My current efforts include working on the planning and policy processes concerning natural resources in the country through analysis, comments and issue papers.


Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Development at Xavier Institute of Social Service

May 1992 - May 1994

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