Satyanarayana Kakara

Senior Staff Engineer/Manager

Hyderabad Area, India

Multimedia subsystem Systems Design Linux Kernel DSP Android
Results oriented software professional with over 16 years of total industry experience with strong analytical, problem-solving and organizational skills. Extensively worked on multimedia technologies on Linux/Android platform. Lead large teams in delivering audio/video, camera and display subsystems on Qualcomm chipsets.Strong system focus in optimizing multimedia software for performance, power and concurrent functionalities.

Worked extensively on firmware and low level programming for speech, audio codecs and systems on various DSPs. Built teams from ground up for delivering DSPs/multimedia/Linux/Android software solutions across Qualcomm chipsets/platforms.

Areas of expertise:
• System analysis of large complex software and hardware ecosystems
• Android/Multimedia (Camera/Display/Audio/video subsystems)
• DSP and firmware programming
• Floating point to fixed point coding for power/performance optimizations
• Algorithm development
• Low power multimedia subsystems and multimedia drivers
• Audio/Speech/Video Signal processing and compression techniques
• ARM/embedded systems/ Porting on embedded systems
• VOIP/Telephony/Echo cancellers

Key lead/managerial strengths:
• Leading large teams
• People skills, recruiting talent and talent management/Performance reviews
• Strong project execution and across site coordination (San Diego, Toronto, China, Bangalore)
• Building teams from ground-up and sustaining them to deliver on complex technologies
• Customer focus/Strong technical focus and hands on approach when required.

Embedded Software, Android, Multimedia, IoT at Exploring startups & Freelance consulting

Nov 2015 - Present

Currently working on couple of things - 1. Developing an IRIS based biometric authentication product based on a low end SoC on Linux/Android platform. 2. Setting up Android/Multimedia team for a mid sized company to handle Android OS upgrades

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