Chandrashekhar Ruge

DevOps Architect

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Cloud Services Chef Jenkins Github AWS
Experienced DevOps, IT Infrastructure Automation Engineer with a deep understanding of the cloud computing stack, especially on Amazon's AWS platform. Senior member of the Devops team with experience in all aspects of the IT Infrastructure Automation and Deployment Cycle including Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.

• 10+ year’s experience in DevOps and Automation testing practices
• Experience of providing timely and critical highest level support to customers on the production environment.
• Hands on experience with Docker and container orchestration tools like Duplo & AWS container services
• Well versed with AWS CLI and AWS SDK for ruby
• Onsite work experience at San Francisco, USA
• 6 months’ onsite work experience at Dell R & D Center, Bangalore 
• Excellent Verbal and Written Communication skills.
• Team Player.

Specialties: Jenkins, AWS, Docker, Chef, Newrelic, GitHub, Dnsmadeeasy, Apache, Nginx, Wordpress, SSL, Selenium, Leading, Managing etc.

Devops Architect at Onit

Jan 2018 - Present

o Migration strategy for moving from rackspace to aws o Explore and recommend aws service offering to replace existing tools o Multiple environment management using Chef solo o Created AWS Lamda stack with API Gateway using cloud formation template o Jenkins job to create the lambda stack and deploy node based application zip on lambda o Create and update chef scripts for quarterly disaster recovery compliance. o Chef scripts to migrate database from mysql to postgres

DevOps Architect at Synerzip

Dec 2012 - Jan 2018

1) Handling entire DevOps stack for the client. 2) Multiple environments management on amazon web services (AWS) using services EC2, S3, RDS, Cloudfront & Route53 etc. 3) Continuous integration and deployment management using Jenkins and Capistrano scripts for rails applications. 4) Server provisioning using Hosted Chef and Knife EC2. 5) Migrated entire infrastructure including EC2 servers and databases from AWS classic to VPC 6) Configuring the AWS ELB for each environment with varying number of servers 7) Solid knowledge of requesting/installing SSL certificates, key management on Apache, Nginx & AWS ELB. 8) Moved GitHub account from personal account to organization account and maintaining more than 10 repos with different teams and access levels 9) Hosting and continuous deployment of the wordpress based corporate web site 10) Setup SFTP, users and scripts to upload the files to S3 automatically 11) Troubleshooting the configuration changes and do build manually if required. 12) Automating several repetitive activities like taking database backups, watching the jobs execution, updating the internal environments with latest database backup from production and monitoring using Ruby & BASH scripts.

QA Technical Lead at PTC

Feb 2010 - Dec 2012

Sr. Development Test Engineer at Cybage

Feb 2007 - Dec 2009


PGDAC Field Of StudyIT at D Y Patil (IACSD) Pune

Dec 2005 - Dec 2006

Activities and Societies: It including advanced computing studies for software development. Which includes all the IT subjects/softwares like Dot-Net, Java, J2EE, Oracle, SQL Server, HTML, UML, XML, VC++ etc... 1] Ranked first all over India in dot-net exam conducted by C-dac, Acts, Pune. 2] Ranked third in college, exam conducted by C-dac, Acts, Pune

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Defend the wall...
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