Sayak Paul

Ambassador at DataCamp

Kolkata Area, India

Javascript JavaEE HTML5 Python Programming Eclipse AJAX Linux MySQL HTML CSS PHP JavaScript
My goal is to use technology-driven innovation to solve some challenging problems.

I am an ambassador at DataCamp where I write about important concepts/recent discoveries related to Machine Learning. Apart from that, I handle some of its outreach campaigns as well. Currently, I am developing a project as a part of DataCamp Projects. Previously, I worked at TCS Research and Innovation (TRDDC) as a developer where the domain of work was Cyber Security (specifically Data Privacy). Prior to that, I worked as a Web Services Developer at TCS (Kolkata area). Data Science and Web Development are my subjects of interest. I am also working with Dr. Anupam Ghosh for Machine Learning research/tinkering (Currently working on the applications of Cyclical Learning Rate policies and Transfer Learning for Neural Nets on regular tabular datasets).

(My cover photo is taken from Unsplash)

Ambassador at DataCamp

Jun 2018 - Present

I write about technical concepts/recent discoveries in Data Science and Machine Learning for DataCamp community ( I also prepare mini projects in order to accommodate the concepts in a meaningful way. Currently, I am developing a full-fledged project as a part of DataCamp Projects ( The links to the blogs are attached herein that I have written for DataCamp till now. Many are in the process of getting published. I use Python, Jupyter Notebooks, Overleaf and FloyHub for writing these tutorials/posts. Apart from these, I handle few of the DataCamp's outreach activities as well. If you are a teaching individual of a university and want to set up DataCamp's online classroom (which is absolutely free) for your students feel free to contact me. Or if you are someone from L&D department of a company and want to know more about our enterprise offerings, contact me.

Developer at TCS Research & Innovation

Dec 2017 - Jul 2018

Domain of work: Data Privacy. Crystal Ball Consent Management Solution (Java EE, Hibernate, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PostgreSQL, Tomcat, Postman, Swagger) - Implemented web services covering data privacy practices for GDPR enforcement. - Developed a demo UI in order to demonstrate the web services to both internal and external clients. - Implemented test cases and eventually increased the code coverage of existing services to 89%. - Prepared Swagger API documentation for facilitating interactivity to API documentation. - Automated the task of listing out web services with their endpoint URL from code. - Implemented a utility with Spring Batch for managing DB transactions in an efficient manner. - Involved in thorough functional and security testing of the web services.

Developer at Tata Consultancy Services

Sep 2017 - Dec 2017

Web Service Development (Spring, JPA-Hibernate, JAX-RS, Mockito, SLF4J-LOG4J, Swagger) Responsibilities: - Fixed service defects both at production and hotfix level. - Designed a system for ensuring the service responses' structure according to given specification. - Modified existing test cases in order to facilitate more method scenarios and eventually increased code coverage in all three level: Service level, Business Logic level and DAO level. - Prepared Swagger documentation of the web services. Client: Information major, USA.

Trainee at Tata Consultancy Services

Jun 2017 - Sep 2017

ILP (Initial Learning Program) training on Java and related technologies. Projects: 1. Retail Banking Solution (Java EE, Oracle 11g XE, Apache Tomcat, HTML-CSS-MaterializeCSS, JavaScript, jQuery, JSP): The project was a part of the training. Designed and developed a solution for in-house banking activities like profile creation, account summary generation etc on both front-end and back-end levels. 2. IoT Project using Ultrasonic Sensor and TCUP (Core Java): This project was an addendum to the training period in TCS, taking place in the ILP Innovations Lab. We used ultrasonic sensors, published the data to the cloud and pulled them back to perform tasks based on the data obtained.

Interhsala Student Partner at Internshala

Feb 2017 - Aug 2017