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Lucknow Area, India

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I am Sara Khan, an Indian writer. I hold a Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication and have been associated with online media since 2011. I began my writing career in early 2008. I enjoy sharing my observations on the different aspects of life through my writings. My writings are more focused towards the betterment of women.

In an effort to help and support the married women going through a lot of stress during separation and divorce process I wrote my first short book, Separated!

How to Create Positive Change in 21 Days, is my second book where I share my experience on how getting up early in the morning, i.e., at 4 am, transformed my goals into a reality and transformed me into a stronger person. Both the books are available on Amazon.

Owner and creator of food blog – Apart from writing some serious stuff, what do I do? I eat, cook and review. As a foodie, I love to eat and cook various cuisines – I believe in experimenting while cooking and 99% of it has turned positive - and, now, sharing my experiences and recipes with my sister, who is also contributing to my blog. I’m loving the way Foodeez Junction is getting the response; it’s already a year old.

I had, earlier, worked with news, travel and couponing websites. With over five years of experience in content management and marketing, which I’d gained throughout my career, I’ve put it all on my blogs and ebook's promotions. And it’s working!

I have a focused strategy and I’m well-versed in social media and marketing and SEO solutions.

For food-related collaborations, you can reach me directly at [email protected] and for my writings' related collaboration or feedback, you can connect with me here or on my blog through the contact form.

Specialties Include: Author, Writer, Freelance Writer, Content Writing and Editing, Content Research and Development, Personal Development, Blogger, SEO Articles, Social Media Strategist
Content Creation

I can help you in creating content for your website, blog, magazine, articles - food, travel, inspirational.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

I can make digital marketing strategies for your business, blog or website.


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