Sameep Singhania

Java Professional | Tester-to-Developer | Software Developer | Tech Enthusiast

Gurgaon, India

css Java Expert Systems Design Algorithm Javascript HTML5 GWT J2EE SOA Application Development Machine Learning
I am a computer science professional. Major areas of interest are machine learning and software development.
Currently working as an Software Developer with Drishti-soft. I have total work experience of 3 years. I am passionate about hard work and challenging tasks which requires innovative mind.
My role at drishti-soft include requirement gathering, scoping, designing of the feature or system, implementation of the design, deployments at the customer end, code reviews and training to other developers as per requirement.
Currently working on a product which provides omni channel solution to the contact center businesses to handle customers from different channels through single interface. I was basically involved in this product from scratch and was majorly responsible for the designing major components of the system. Product is based upon JAVA technology at it's core and built upon OSGI framework and follows SOA.

Software Developer at Drishti-soft Solutions - India

Dec 2014 - Present

My responsibilities include- requirement gathering, scoping, writing design of the system(HLDs and LLDs), implementation of the designs, to provide training to other developers (on basis of technology) and code reviews.

Application Engineer at Drishti-Soft Solutions

Dec 2014 - Present

My responsibilities includes- requirement gathering, scoping, designing of the product or feature (HLDs and LLDs), design implementation, to look for scalability of the system, code reviews and training.

Application Engineer at Drishti Soft Solutions

Dec 2014 - Present

I am working as a full time Application Engineer. Roles and responsibilities includes: 1. Understanding business use case 2. Writing scope of the product 3. Writing high level and low level design of the system 4. Implementation of the designs. 5. Unit testing

Service IT Dev Senior Associate II at Dell International Services

Jul 2013 - Oct 2014


BTech at JSS Academy of Technical Education, Noida

Jun 2009 - Apr 2013

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