Saikat Kumar Dey

Data Scientist at Fractal Analytics

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Natural Language Processing Python
I am currently working as a Data Scientist at (incubated by Fractal Analytics) . I've previously worked at Directi Web Technology, an Endurance International Group company.

I have a B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from NIT Durgapur. I have experience in building data-driven products end to end, from procuring data using ETL pipelines to building predictive models to deployment. I have worked on building intelligent conversational chatbots, improving customer retention, customer segmentation, sentiment analysis and support automation.

Skill-set :

Data Science pipeline- Exploratory Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Feature Engineering, Predictive Modeling, Model Evaluation, Hyper-parameter optimization

Data Science Frameworks- sklearn, keras, numpy, pandas, matplotlib, seaborn

Databases- Redis, MongoDB, MySQL

Rest API- Flask

Deployment- Docker

Programming languages- Python, Java, Clojure


Data Scientist at Fractal Analytics

Feb 2018 - Present

I am working at . We're building an AI based business analyst. Cuddle connects to your data source and lets you ask about your business in natural language.

Associate Data Scientist at Endurance International Group

Jun 2016 - Feb 2018

I've worked on improving customer retention and automating support systems using Machine Learning/NLP.


Computer Science and Engineering at National Institute of Technology Durgapur

May 2012 - Apr 2016