Sabu Francis

Founder: Syncspace, Founder: Limen Leap Labs, Educator

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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I was trained as an architect from IIT Kharagpur (1984), but I now have expertise in several domains such as Computer Aided Design, Knowledge Management, Artificial Intelligence, Web Technology; in fact, many areas of Information Technology that includes software architecting and development.

Practice of architecture requires both abstract thinking and delivery on the ground. Hence I got involved in both research along with realization of architecture projects.

I carried out research in the field of architecture representation systems and discovered some mathematical principles. I was awarded the JIIA (Journal of Indian Institute of Architects) special award for research in 1991 for this work. These principles were incorporated into a software (TAD Designer Lite) I wrote. This software is one of the oldest truly object-oriented architectural design software still in use.

My software has proved itself in the design of architecture; especially in the early design stages. I have presented my work in international peer-reviewed conferences and my work has been cited by other researchers. My work was utilized by IIT Bombay for 2 of their research projects in the area of energy calculations in buildings.

You may have heard of Konkan Railway Corporation -- one of the toughest railway projects of the world. One of the oldest use of BIM happened when I designed the interiors for their headquarters. I also designed several other projects for Konkan Railway -- all done using my software. I am using the term BIM in the true sense of the term. Not from the way it is used by conventional BIM software companies

Today I have experience and knowledge in many areas relating to both architecture and computing. I own original intellectual property in the area of architecture representation systems, music, messaging, etc. My tutorials for Visual Prolog are quite popular.

Founder, CTO, CEO at Syncspace

May 2012 - Present

Syncspace solves problems in the architecture domain using the Internet. As a CTO, my responsibility is to develop cutting edge solutions to problems both old and new in architecture. This company builds on the foundation that was laid out from my architectural practice over the years. We have developed one of the oldest truly object oriented BIM (Building Information Modeler). We are now porting it to the web and other devices and my role is to guide this company along technically while responding to market requirements

Chief Architect at Sabu Francis & Associates

Feb 1987 - Present

Conceptualizing and designing architectural projects of all types. Was also directly involved in setting up of systems and actively training all my staff. A few of my staff branched out separately to start successful careers of their own.


B.Arch (Hons) at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

Jun 1979 - May 1984

I was first in class, Viva-Voce. My expertise grew later. I won the 1991 JIIA (Journal of Indian Institute of Architects) special award for research category -- for the math I discovered inside architecture

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