Saahil Mendiratta

Co-Founder at TGP | Growth Hacking Consultant

New Delhi Area, India

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TGP is a network of consultants, marketing agencies and brands. All headed towards one goal: Growth

We call ourselves Growth Hackers - We pick the right mix to plug into your business, and hack the digital world to get you what you need.

Websites, Landing Pages, Blog, Social Media Pages, Display Ads, Search Ads, Tracking, Reporting... Yes, we’ve got the whole shebang.

Co-Founder at The Growth Plugin

Jun 2017 - Present

A network of consultants, marketing agencies and brands - headed towards one goal: Growth

Partner at Outlin'd by Jhunjhun Jain

Apr 2017 - Present

Now live @ Outlin'd is a cork collection in its raw form, embellished with hand-illustrated elements from Indian architecture. This collection was a part of an experience unmatched by any other platform - the prestigious London Design Festival, 2017. And this is just the start of our journey.

Growth Hacking Consultant at

Mar 2017 - Present

Growth Hacking Consultant at Bhartiya City Developers

Feb 2017 - Present

Push pixels...
Shovel coal into server...
Create mockups...