Rohan Sharma

Crypto & Marketing Enthusiast | Blockchain Believer | Startupreneur | Amazonian

New Delhi Area, India

Career Prospects Startup Consultancy Blockchain Business Excellence Strategy & Operations marketing strategy Startups Internship Consulting Business development New Product Development & Launch Startup Strategy Cryptocurrency Project Execution Human Resources

Having worked with organisations like Amazon, Accenture, American Express, Tencent Technologies in the domain on Marketing, Operations, Business excellence & product development respectively, I have gained cross domain exposure and have developed my knowledge base in each respective business vertical. I incepted my first startup ‘ConneXTech’ in college and successfully managed to grow the business in the domain of information & technology services.

My stint at Amazon has been the most rewarding experience for me. At AWS I was responsible for supporting Startup, Developer & Partner Marketing team in driving adoption of cloud solutions offered by AWS. Post working with AWS I have also worked with The Guild(Polygon Media) which is a business Media startup where my role was to drive strategic partnerships & sponsorships for their event series. My experience in event industry got deeper when I got the opportunity to lead marketing efforts for one of the biggest Bollywood event’s of India ‘Da-Bangg Tour’, Salman Khans Maiden concert in India. At Da-Bangg, I was leading strategic partnerships, Brand alliances, co-branding partnerships, BTL Activations & Influencer marketing for the event.

After having worked in different domains, at different places, I found my calling at Almora. Having worked in media and event space for almost two years, I had started to miss what I was doing at AWS and Blockchain as a technology entirely amazed me for the potential it holds and the revolution it can drive. Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Hashgraph, is the technology of tomorrow and I am glad to be a part of Almora that is an active player in this revolution.

I look up to great organisations that have been built by average people out of passion, hard work and dedication. Everything that I am doing today is a conscious effort towards gaining as much experience, knowledge & exposure in as many domains as possible for my next innings of entrepreneurship 


Entrepreneur In Residence at Almora

Dec 2017 - Present

Almora’s driving mission is to catalyse cryptocurrencies and blockchain and lead the moment to a decentralised world. Almora is focused on captive projects which include micropayments solution, cryptocurrency exchange and a social trading platform. Almora also offers blockchain solutions, an end to end ICO services and consulting to third-party clients. My role as Entrepreneur in Residence at Almora is a pervasive one. It ranges from client relations management, business development, service delivery to marketing. I also engage with internal and external stakeholders to ensure service delivery for third-party clients is up to the mark.

Marketing Specialist at Amazon Web Services

Jul 2016 - Dec 2016

Responsible for supporting Startup, Developer & Partner Marketing team in driving adoption of cloud services offered by AWS. Engaged with key product/service stakeholders in driving initiatives focused on evangelising cloud solutions offered by AWS. Supported flagship online/offline marketing campaigns for the year 2016. - Worked on pre-event, post-event operational aspects and execution of flagship campaigns like Media Summits, Developer Days, Cloud Day as a part of the core team. - Drove BigData, Analytics & Databases Roadshows, 2016. - Lead India Webinar Series for the year 2016. - Coordinated & engaged with agencies to support online/offline campaigns. - Attended several startup events to evangelise cloud solutions offered by AWS.

Process Excellence Intern at American Express

Jun 2014 - Aug 2014

Responsible for process optimisation for client "American Express" Conducted process analysis and provided innovative solutions, tools, & strategies for improving efficiency and effectiveness. During the tenure ideated 4 tools for automating several processes.

Business Excellence Intern at Accenture

Jun 2014 - Jul 2014

Role involved analysing the backend accounts payable process of CAIRN India and coming up with innovative solutions and strategies for automating several functions. Also Prepared and reviewed operational excellence documentation.

Marketing Lead at Delhi Daredevils

Feb 2014 - Mar 2014

Being Regional Marketing Lead primary task was to screen the people who would make up for several teams covering designated area in the region . Chalking out marketing strategy and activities for each region and ensuring maximum outreach and conduct of marketing activities in effective and efficient manner . Simultaneously managing social media portals for wider mark on Outreach .

Product Development at Tencent Technologies (Wechat)

Oct 2013 - Dec 2013

Tencent is the largest Internet Company in APAC with almost 800 mn monthly active users. It is the third largest Internet Company globally in terms of MARKET capitalization. Wechat, the No. 1 Social Messaging App with 200 million users worldwide was developed and launched by Tencent. It’s the only app to offer Video/Audio calling and voice messaging. It’s available on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and Symbian platforms and very soon will be available on Blackberry in India. - To create brand advocacy of We Chat, the world's No.1 Social messenger, within your own niche peer network, both online and offline. - Support online community of Wechat. - Generating feedback and creating trials of the product. - Connect the brand We Chat to the college activities -Formulation of strategies for revival from market competition, Extensive research on pro's and con's of the product . Product innovation based on USP's dominant in current market offerings and extensive research .

Founder & Managing Partner at ConneXTech

Oct 2013 - Present

ConneXTech is a Start Up in Secondary Phase dealing in software, Web, and Application Development & Technical Innovation. Leading a team of 64 people, pervasively managing, Business Development & Operations. Delivered 64 projects for domestic and International clients. Associated with 24 Entrepreneurship Cells and supported student driven initiatives by incubating technical support. Currently working on 4 ideation driven captive projects currently in final phase of development.


B.Sc. Business & Management at London School of Economics & Political Science

Jul 2013 - Jul 2017

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It was a really helpful discussion we had and thanks for the tips given to me especially on the visibility and penetration of the product .

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