Rakesh Mishra

Rebuilding lives | Touched 2500+ startup trajectories | Enabled 100+ startups for enterprise connect

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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n exciting thread of my professional life has begun. After 6 years of personal coaching for senior professionals for corporate to startup transition, I realised something deeper and concerning going on with professionals in the 40+ age group that is silently disturbing their personal and professional lives. Based on my experiential learning of spiritual science of well being, I have put together a structured life-rebuilding program which has been working well for many professionals. This is one way I'm aspiring to touch as many lives as possible to enable grander experience of life.

Second core dimension of my professional life is startups. I am working with some of the most talented and amazing start-up founders. I work as advisor and coach and help them navigate the early developmental journey of the venture. My wide spectrum of experience with multiple industries, technologies and business models allows me to work with founders at the ground level.

I'm also helping institutions and corporates to build and operate best-in-class startup engagements. I conduct focused demo day readiness program. This coaching assists Startups in building high-impact stories, appropriately highlighting the significance of their solution and getting business case right for potential investors and corporates.

Earlier at Excubator, it was a wonderful journey that started from a small 20 x 30 office and a dream to build an honest and ground-level startup support system. With in couple of years, we touched trajectory of 2500+ startups, incubated 9 startups and delivered 50+ workshops across the country.

I'm very closely involved with IIT institutions and IIT alumni in the capacity of global co-chair of 'IIT Mentors', an organization that aims to touch lives of young professionals as well students across the country.

Feel free to get in touch with me on [email protected] if there is anything that my professional expertise could do for you.

Cofounder and Director at Excubator

Apr 2014 - Jul 2017

Incubated 9 startups, supported with 50+ early ventures, delivered 50+ workshops on startups, partnered with 10+ enterprises for their startup innovation programs


B.tech at IIT Kanpur

Mar 1992 - Apr 1996