Rajkumar Dham

CEO at Varpar, Director ATAMABODH center for Learning

Bengaluru Area, India

Leadership Development Program Productivity Enhancement Stress Management Motivational Speaking Life Coaching
Coauthor with Professor K.N.Krishanaswamy of the book "​ Create Your Own Future Through Body Mind Programming(BMP) " accessing the Inner Computerpublished by Life Positive Books 2015 .BMP developed by us is a New Paradigm for Self Transformation . Inspiring People to have Personal Life Goals and helping and guiding them in achieving them.Industrial Engineer,Student of Indusrial Management,Motivational Trainer,Enterprenuer,having Holistic Healing as Hobby .Inspiring people to pen down their Life Goals covering all areas of life and helping them in achiehing the Goals thro BMP a new technique developed jointly by him for bringing about desired changes in behaviour-attitudes,habits ,learning, skills ,decision making etc.Their work and research has revealed our body-mind system is programmable and they have developed a systematic seven step method BMP for programming the super computer for achieving the goals,finding creative solutions to problems. As a social service he is conducting free classes and workshops for Yoga, Meditation , Acupressure , Pyramid Power, Pyramid Vaastu,SWAISO ,Achieving Goals.His Mind Cleansing Workshop based on Cleansing the Slate and Writing the Slate concept developed by him is classical and unique for bringing about positive attitudes in life. Trustee of an NGO devoted to uplifting the poor and needy and imparting value based education .

Member advisory Board at Peoples Trust NGO dedicated to Integerated Rural Development

We have adopted 18 villages for total development covering health,education,nutrion,child and woman care and development,Self Help Groups-covering micro finance,Environment ,low cost housing using low cost environment effective building technologies,gross route participation by the villagers in the development process.

Pyra Energy and Pyramid Vaastu Expert at Jiten Pyra center and Holistic Health Store

Helping Business Houses ,Industries,Institutions and Individuals. in Energising their Working Places through Pyramid Vaastu ,Conducting Courses,workshops on Pyramid Power for Wellness and Prosperity ,Pyramid Vaastu.Helping sick organisations. Marketing of products and gadgets based on Acupressure,Magnetotherapy,Pyramid Therapy and Multy Therapy products.

Motivational Trainer,Stress Management Coach, at as enterprenure

Dec 2012 - Present

Along with Prof. Dr K.N.krishanaswamy from I.I.Sc. and others conducting courses for companies and individuals for peak performance ,achieving goals,Stress Management ,Wellness,Creativity. Courses being conducted:- 1.Enjoy your Work.Learn how to manage stress. 2.Corporate Wellness . 3. Mind Cleansing :- Overcoming negative attitudes and negative emotions . 4.Peak Performance-The Holistic Approach. 5. Create your future through BMP . 6. BMP -the new paradigm for Self Transformation to achieve goals. 7.BMP for Creative Solutions to your problems. Daily free Yoga and Meditation classes.

Founder Director at ATAMABODH Centre for Learning and HEALING

Oct 2008 - Present

ATAMABODH means to know who am I ? ; to understand the DIVINTY within and to have a purpose in life,and what I can contribute to add to the happiness and wellbeing of others . The centre helps people in developing their vision and mission in life and helping them in achieving it. Along with Prof.Dr.K.N.Krishanaswamy,Dr.Pallavi a psychetry Dr. Developed BMP (body mind programming ) for bringing about desired changes in behaviour,attitudes,habits,learning to help them in achieving their life goals.BMP also helps in bringing about Creative Solutions to the problems and helps in decision making. Promoting Wellness ,Holistic Health and Holistic Living.Teaching Yoga,Meditation,Spirituality in . practice ,Holistic Healing ,Creativity ,Quantum Learning.Delivering popular lectures,arranging workshops,seminars,conferences,bringing about monograms and books . THE MISSION at ATAMABODH is " BODY AND MIND FIT & FINE "

CEO at Varpar Engineering

Dec 1985 - Present

Industial Furniture for Electronic Industry,Laboratory Furniture,Workstation Tables,furniture for Technical Institutions Engg colleges etc

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