Rahul kumar Gayakwad

CTO and Co-Founder at Indofash

Bengaluru Area, India

entrepeneurship website developement Django python webframework Python 2.x Natural Language Processing
I have 3+ years of experience in developing Web technologies, Machine Learning, building scalable product from scratch capable of handling high volume traffic.

Interests : E-Commerce, Machine Learning, Entrepreneurship, Database Architecture, Data Structure & Algorithms.

- Passionate about analyzing real time problems and designing efficient algorithm to solve them. I believe every problem has solution it just requires a different perspective towards it

- Problem solver at heart & leader with proven team building, team management, people management and analytical skills.

- Currently building an intelligent e-commerce platform (Indofash.com) which uses Machine Learning to improve user browsing experience ultimately leading to increased conversions, user engagement and user satisfaction.

CTO and Co-Founder at Indofash

Jan 2016 - Present

Developing an intelligent e-commerce platform capable of handling high volume traffic. Platform has following exciting features described below: 1. Cataloging: Seller can easily create his shop on our platform and maintain inventory through seller panel using only a smart phone. Image quality enhancement and preprocessing all done at backend making it easy even for a layman to create his shop which leads to reduction in manual intervention and thus lean time size 2. Virtual trial room: Allows user to upload his/her image and select a product from our platform and virtually try the dresses or jewellery on his/her image. User can download the image after trial and share it on social media or email to get feedback from friends. 3. Personal stylist tool: Based on user inputs on his/her features like body type, skin color etc, machine learning algorithm suggests products which will suit his/her personality 4. Smart Browsing technology: User is shown a collection of products sorted in order determined by a machine learning algorithm based on user behaviour tracking Many other cool features yet to come


M.Tech at IIT Bombay

Jun 2011 - Jun 2013

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