Prima Dona

Product Management & Business Leader | Experience Scaling startup & building Products, Strategic Partnerships, Sales,Ops

Hyderabad Area, India

Setting up new Business & Operationses Global Product Management Strategic Alliances
Product & Tech enthusiast, seeking the right blend of user empathy meets product/tech solution meets revenue goals meets valuation.. You get the drift!

With experience over 13+ years envisioning, building, driving multiple business and product lines, she has directly handled Sales, Alliances, Product Management, Business Strategy, Ops, IP, UX to build an array of cross functional expertise.

Experience driving Marketing & Sales across global markets: China, Japan, Korea, US, India

Key Skills in the mobile technology space are

# Product Management
# Business Strategy
# Organic Product Innovation
# Intellectual Property
# Product Marketing
# Product Planning
# A/B Market Viability
# Strategic Partnerships, M&A - pitches, due diligence, deal negotiation & structuring
# Product Marketing, Marketing Strategy
# Operations - Brand Engagement & Consumer Experience, Sales, Legal, IP

Experience driving the vision, product & business for AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing/Understanding) technology enablers for OS | Apps | Chats | Assistants | Bots | Keyboards | Ad-Tech | Search & Discovery

Development experience in Chat Engines, Conversational Interfaces, Parsers, S/w automation etc.

1. WO2014141300A2: Contextual discovery solution based on NLP, AI, federated learning
2. US20140237356A1: Neural network early work with word clusters, sentence generation, improved prediction accuracy etc.
3. WO2014111959A2: Text Input system & method for glide engine on keyboard
4. WO 2016135746 A3: Analyzing conversations, searches, multi-lingual text & building intent stack & related info, identifying matching recommendations, ranking
5. WO2014128727A2: Systems & methods for facilitating identifying & spotting of trends in linguistics including words & phrases
6. IN920/CHE/2013 (Not published yet): Optimizing text input using novel techniques of bigraph, trigraph associations

When work does not beckon, she is out on random road trips and penning some poetry in the wild.

Time-off with a bucket list. (Un)Learning, Exploring. Advisor Startups at AI | NLP | Ad-Tech | Chat Engines/Bots | OS Services | Analytics

Nov 2017 - Present

<Ah...also learning to dabble with a Guitar..>


Jan 2016 - Oct 2017

Xploree (Keypoint Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) COO - driving Product Management | Alliances | Sales| Product Marketing| UX | IP [[ ]] Driving the product and business strategy, company and teams towards the vision of creating smart actionable outputs from analyzing language data on device and from the cloud, globally across UK, US, China, Japan, Korea, India (HQ @ Glasgow, UK) Xploree Market Validation: 14B+ text sessions analyzed, 240M+ intents identified per month, 43M+ discoveries served per month, 32+ partners on board [[ ]] Key Inventor of Xploree Concept and Patents Hands-on product management – Scaled Xploree on 13M+ devices (15+ OEMs), 32+ partners, roadmapping, envisioning launch of new assistant and rolling into development phase, AI/NLP based SDK, analytics, recommendation system, Machine Learning Artifcial Intelligence and NLP based Language technology enabler/analyzer for smart OS | Assistants | Chats | Bots | Keyboards | Apps [[ ]] Responsible for driving Product, UX, Operations - Business, Product, Brand Engagement & Experience, Intellectual Property, Data Insights, Ops, Alliances and Sales, Marketing, Legal


Apr 2006 - May 2009

Owned and managed QuickOffice product on S60 phones. Development of Messaging products - IM protocols, UX



May 2001 - Feb 2004

Push pixels...
Shovel coal into server...
Create mockups...
Defend the wall...
Draft storyboard...
Disrupt an industry...
Achieve profitability...
Become a unicorn...
Become Batman...