Pratap Dangeti

Senior Data Scientist @ Bidgely Technologies

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Apache spark Deep Learning Statistical Programming Hadoop Machine Learning Big Data
Career Synopsis
• A result driven professional with 8+ years of experience in Marketing, Credit & Risk, Statistical Modelling, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Customer value management Analytics
• Currently working as Manager in TCS Analytics & Insights, R&D, Innovation Labs
• Graduated from IIT Bombay with M.Tech degree in Industrial engineering and operations research
• Achieved University 1st in Engineering
• Achieved All India 56th rank (99.75 percentile) , out of 23,000 students in GATE (Mechanical Engg) exam

Key Skills: Machine Learning, Deep Learning,Cognitive computing ,Customer Value Management, Contact Strategy, Statistical Modelling, Logistic Regression, Linear Regression, Decision trees, Clustering Analysis, ARIMA, PCA, SVM, Neural Networks, Random Forest, Boosting, Ensembles, Recommendation engines, NLP,Deep Neural Architecture, CNN, RNN, LSTM, GRU, Autoencoders,

• Data Analysis & mining Tools: R, Python, SAS, Hadoop ecosystems, Spark, Theano, TensorFlow ,Keras, C,C++, Java, RStudio, PyCharm, IPython/Jupiter notebook, Eclipse, Intellij Idea, AWS, GPU Programming
• Software Programming Languages: SQL & HTML
• Operating Systems: Ubuntu, Windows

• Keras/TensorFlow/Theano - {Deepnet, CNN, RNN, LSTM, AutoEncoders,ResNet}
• R - {GLM,rpart,caret, e1071,neuralnet,nnet, randomforest,gbm,xgboost,C5.0,arules }
• Python - {Numpy, Scipy, Pandas,Scikit Learn, Matplotlib,NLP}
• Hadoop ecosystems - {MapReduce, PIG, HIVE}
• Spark/Pyspark - {Basic, MLLIB}
• Java - {Weka, Mallet}
• C - {CUDA C Programming}

Data Scientist (Manager), Analytics & Insights, Innovation Labs at Tata Consultancy Services

Feb 2016 - Present

Machine Learning with R, Python, Hadoop eco systems, Spark Deep Learning with TensorFlow & Keras


M.Tech (Industrial engineering & Operations Research) at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

May 2006 - Jun 2008

Operations Research is inter disciplinary course in which we have studied Optimization, Simulation, Neural Networks, Applied Finance, Statistics etc.

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