Sandeep Srivastava

CEO & Founder at Indus Leadership Solutions & PeopleFusion. Mentor Everwise. Member BNI. Member TiE.

Delhi, India

Personnel Development Organization Strategy executive coaching, mentoring Strategic Human Resources Executive Search & Placement Start-up Business & Operations Consulting Business & Operations Consulting Sales Process Development Job Coaching Pitch Development Leadership Development
Sandeep has over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing & executive leadership roles in India & the Middle East. In his last job in 2007, he was the CEO of the Engineering & Technology Services arm of an $8 billion, UK based Construction Company.

Sandeep quit his job in 2007 to form PeopleFusion, a talent search firm with the mission of “Bringing People & Organisations Together”. PeopleFusion has helped companies hire middle, senior & CxO level talent in specialised areas such as PLM; Mathematical Modelling; Business Analytics & Simulation & Analysis. PeopleFusion has also coached & mentored highly experienced people during their job search process.

During his talent search engagements, Sandeep observed that companies were constantly struggling with developing & building leaders & appropriate leadership skills, thus limiting their growth potential. To address this problem, he founded Indus Leadership Solutions (in partnership with 360 Solutions, USA) to specifically focus on Leadership Development via business consulting, coaching & training, with the ultimate objective of “Enhancing the Value of the Businesses” he engages with.

Sandeep believes leadership development is not a one-time engagement but a continuous process of engagement & reinforcement. To truly help an organisation realise its full potential, a good business consultant must have a broad, deep & prolonged engagement; he calls this “Embedded Consulting”. He has used this approach in many of his consulting engagements, helping companies create & refine their business strategies, identify new markets & products, skill up their sales force, streamline their internal systems & make them more employee-centric, resulting in substantial increase in revenue & profit.

Sandeep has been a speaker at several national & international conferences. He has also been a guest speaker at the Management Development Program at IIM, Lucknow and the Executive MBA (NMP) program at MDI, Gurgaon.

CEO & Founder at Indus Leadership Solutions

Nov 2013 - Present

Indus Leadership Solutions ( is a High Performance Leadership Development and Consulting company which focuses on enabling entrepreneurs to build, grow and market their consulting, training and/or executive coaching business. We are a Master Licensee and Strategic Partner of 360 Solutions LLC, USA ( 360 Solutions has developed & built one of the largest libraries of training curricula in the industry. We provide credible and validated guides, presentations and training material which has been deployed in hundreds of organisations across the globe including companies like P&G, NASA, Colgate, Holiday Inn, Corning, IBM, etc. But more importantly we provide a strong ecosystem which helps you establish credibility and build your business. Please have a look at as an example of one of our strategic initiatives. We have a flexible partnership models which allows you to pick, choose and pay for content as you grow. Call or mail us to start a conversation on how to start your own business or grow your existing one in the area of business consulting, training and/or coaching.

Founder at PeopleFusion

Nov 2007 - Present

PeopleFusion was born out of my 20 years of being a cog in the wheel; a bigger cog in a bigger wheel; a wheel in a machine; and so on and so forth....The cogs, wheels and machines were at times dysfunctional. I soon realized that you need more than just cogs, wheels, oil and good intent to make and run a decent machine. PeopleFusion is focused on "Bringing People & Organizations Closer". Some of the specific activities include- • Consulting with a focus on Start-Ups & Small Businesses (where management & functional bandwidth is a key constraint as well as a success factor) • Start-up consulting (Statutory, Organisational and Operational) • Mentoring & Coaching key executives • Human Resource consulting (Organisation Structure, Hiring the right people, Compensation, Motivation & Retention, etc) • Executive Search - "The Best Person for a Job is not the One with the Best Capabilities but The One with the Greatest Commitment"


BE Mechanical at NIT Kurukshetra

Jun 1982 - Apr 1987

BE (Mechanical) at NIT Kurukshetra

Jun 1982 - Apr 1987

Push pixels...
Shovel coal into server...
Create mockups...
Defend the wall...
Draft storyboard...
Disrupt an industry...
Achieve profitability...
Become a unicorn...
Become Batman...