Adarsh Patil

Business Evangelist at

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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Adarsh is an entrepreneurial player in any organizations he had worked. Based in Bangalore with an extensive experience in Marketing, Business Development, Client Acquisition, Innovation and Research. The extent of his research work includes International targettable countries, Lean methodology and Strategic Management of Tech/Digital industries.

Currently working at Real estate supportive industry and exploring real estate ecosystem to learn the magnitude of corporate Builders/Developers in Bangalore and Supporting their sales and marketing activities with

Adarsh has studied MicroMaster Business Management at IIM Bangalore (IIMBx) and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at KLS GCC, RC University, Belgaum.

Business Evangelist at

Jul 2017 - Present is India’s most trusted Real Estate site. Whether you are a buyer, an investor or just like to look up nice homes, every heart finds a home here. Responsibilities: + Manage corporate accounts (Builders) in Bangalore + Proposition pitch for residential Properties. + Client Management (Corporate Builders) + Campaign performance and inquires performance review. + Service Management. + Relationship Management with Builder/Developers in Bangalore. + Research and Development of Real estate ecosystem.

Executive Director at BrandRaga Marketing Consultants Pvt Ltd

Aug 2016 - May 2017

Brand Raga is a Media and Marketing Agency. The synergy of a vibrant and creative mind set enables us to deliver Engaging Marketing and Digital Solutions. Responsibilities: + Business Development (Corporate Accounts- Bangalore) + Digital marketing, Content and design team building & Management. + Brand, Research & strategy for Corporate accounts (North Karnataka- Hubli, Belgaum) + Digital requirement analyst and Delivery insurer + Client Relationship Management and Acquisition + Corporate Lead Generation + Digital Marketing pitch.

Managing Director at Dealdeeds Biztech Pvt Ltd

Aug 2014 - May 2016

Dealdeeds provides sophisticated market platform and technology for Indian MSMEs and helps them reach their potential customers. Duties and Responsibilities: + Company Policy + Business Development + Brand, Advertisement & Marketing + Operational planning and Financial control + Effective team management + Performance enhancement + Investment pitches + Research & Development + Lean Principle Management


MicroMaster Business Management at IIM Bangalore

Jul 2016 - Present

MicroMaster Program includes Operation Management, People Management, Corporate Finance, Strategic Management, Accounting for decision making, Marketing Management. Techniques to empower business acumen.