TapChief For Enterprises

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Providing mentorship to your clientele or employees has never been easier.

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For Online Education Companies

Mentorship delivered via a whitelabel solution to ensure consistency in branding from start to end.

One-onone career couselling programmes

Capstone projects

Webinars and meetups

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For Career Counselling Companies

You can now get your students counselled by someone who has been there and done that.

One-on-one counselling over phone or video calls

Career mentors from 2000+ companies

Mentors with upto 30 years of work experience

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For College Placement Heads

We offer you a personal guide through your placement process.

Detailed videos for each company that visits your campus

Webinars by thought leaders and innovators in the industry

One-on-one calls for every student with extremely relevant matching

Access to mentors in over 2000 companies from all over the world

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For College Faculty

Compliment your content and reinforce motivation and relevance with industry experts talking about concept application.

Flexible agendas and timing

Senior leaders from the best companies

Insights on what companies from all over the world are looking for

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For Placement Training Companies

We can add to your current suite of offerings and ensure that you deliver the best services to your clients.

A whitelabelled solution to ensure your branding is consistent from start to end

Mentoring by career mentors, at scale for your stuents

500+ videos, reverse engineering every company's selection process

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