Pankaj Soni

Lead Architect @ Wafer Inc. CTO @ Software Joint

New Delhi Area, India

Android/iOS/Windows XMPP Erlang Cassandra Java
I have gained over 8 years of experience working in IT Industry. And, having been introduced to field of communication and technology at a very early stage, this led to interest in starting a company with a vision to be the experts in software development and design, and to explore the latent possibilities in the world of technology.

After working on more than 40 projects related to social media, health, education and businesses where our work dealt with real time communications, HA, distributed systems, file transfers, scaling for million of users over Erlang and more, we realised that we have gained experience, expertise and efficiency in leading team with clear vision in mind. Going forward we plan to keep on coming up with innovative new ways of bringing people together across world.

Besides being CTO of many companies my passion to code makes me an Erlang Developer in everyday life. I have interest in providing high level professional trainings in technology as well.

Earlier I have worked with many organisations in India (Oracle, Samsung, VeriSign), where I have worked on Identity Management Product, Scalable XMPP server deployment, REST-Hub infrastructure development, Adaptive Remote Control and Wireless Sensor networks.

Competencies: Erlang, Java, Android, Objective C, Swift, Custom BERT, XMPP, RabbitMQ, AWS, Digital Ocean, MySQL, PostGres, Cassandra, MongoDB, GraphDB, Redis.

Other abilities/skills: Leadership, Teamwork, Problem Solving, Multi-Tasking, Strategic Thinking

Lead Architect at Wafer Inc.

Apr 2017 - Present

Design and Development of new features for Wafer Messenger Coordinator for the entire development team, and designer of the product technology stack. Responsible for timely execution of new product features and India's team management

Technical Team Lead at Wafer Inc.

Feb 2015 - Present

Wafer Inc. is the international company behind Wafer Messenger, the mobile messaging platform. As Technical Team Lead, I was responsible for envisioning and setting goals in the technology department of the company - including research, development, of web, mobile and server stack. Other tasks were design and development of new product features, release management, leading the software development and devops team.

Chief Technical Officer at Software Joint Pvt. Ltd.

Nov 2013 - Present

I have been with this organisation since its foundation. It has been around 4 years, I am associated with this organisation. It has been a great journey with good learning experience for me. As Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in Software Joint I was responsible to oversees current technology and create relevant policy. I supported organisation with my business knowledge necessary to align technology-related decisions with the organization's goals. My role involved following: - Identify opportunities and risks for the business. - Manage research and development (R&D). - Monitor technology and social trends that could impact the company. - Participate in management decisions about corporate governance. - Communicate the company's technology strategy to partners, management, investors and employees. - Maintain current information about technology standards and compliance regulations.