Pankajj P Ghode

Chairman - Global Blockchain Foundation | CEO - World Blockchain Summit |Cyber & Digital Expert for Maharashtra Police

Pune, Maharashtra, India

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Pankajj P Ghode is Founder and Chairman of Global Blockchain Foundation, he is also serving as Consultant to Maharashtra State Police, Ministry communications and information technology for Digital India projects, as Cyber experts, NHP and working on creating high- impact business solutions through AI & Cognitive Computing, Computer Vision, Human- Machine Interface (AR & VR) and IoT.

Pankajj led two corporate success stories with distinction, Wipro from 1999 to 2003 and Experis from 2006 to 2015. Was part of building significance technology base for Experis and its Telecom business unit. Was instrumental in providing high level of consulting to Vodafone, Idea, Bharti telecom, Sing-tel, Safaricom, AT&T and Reliance Jio.

He has close to 15 years’ experience in IT strategy, Digital Transformation, System Integrators, Captives, Start-Up Organizations and Individuals to help them become more effective. This typically means training, coaching and consulting in Agile & Lean methods, enabling Engineering practices, DevOps tooling and architecting lean solutions using latest digital technology, In the process have researched and experimented with various Agile and Lean methods – DSDM, XP, Scrum, Kanban, Blockchain, Cyber specialist, Vulnerability specialist, SAFe, LeSS, DAD; Digital technologies - CMS, e-commerce, analytics, big data, RIA, mobile, social, micro services and cloud; Using these have delivered e2e solutions for various domains - Telecom, Media, High-Tech, Banking, Health, Investment, Automotive, Travel and Retail.

Advisor at Rocket ICO

Jul 2017 - Present

Co-Founder & Chairman at Global Blockchain Foundation

Dec 2016 - Present

Blockchain technology is the biggest technology innovation of mankind which has solved one of the biggest problems of 21st Century- TRUST. We, World Blockchain Foundation is committed to world peace through promoting & penetrating BLOCKCHAIN technology worldwide and significantly make efforts to build BLOCKCHAIN ENABLED COMMUNITY globally. We @WBF firmly believe that it is the Blockchain technology which can make the dream-WORLD IS ONE GLOBAL PEACEFUL COMMUNITY a reality and ensure a global democratic decentralized peaceful ecosystem. Under @WBF, we have following initiatives(proposed): 1. WORLD BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT : A global hybrid event platform to offer an equal opportunity for every blockchain community member to showcase his/her (blockchain) contribution to the world 2. WORLD BLOCKCHAIN UNIVERSITY: a global education ecosystem fostering all possible learning & knowledge sharing available relating to BLOCKCHAIN to all its global community members 3. WORLD BLOCKCHAIN INNOVATION FOUNDATION: a global platform for fostering innovation in & through blockchain technology 4. WORLD BLOCKCHAIN RESEARCH FOUNDATION: a global platform for fostering research in blockchain technology 5. WORLD BLOCKCHAIN FOUNDATION: a global non-profit platform committed to build global blockchain community 6. WORLD BLOCKCHAIN FUND: a blockchain focussed early stage startup fund and few more initiatives SECTOR FOCUS UNDER BPF: Banking & Payment | Cyber Security | Supply Chain Management | Forecasting, Research & Consulting | Smart Contract | Networking | Internet of Things (IOT) | Insurance | Healthcare | Energy Management | E-Com & M-Com | Online Cloud Storage | Charity | Private Transport & Ride-Sharing | Voting | Government | Public Benefit Distribution | Legal Advisory | Real Estate | Record Keeping | Conveyancing | Crowd Funding We humbly seek mentorship and partners globally. Those who believe in our vision, we would love to connect with them [email protected]

CEO at iCybersec Global

Dec 2016 - Present

• Responsible for Threat Intelligence & Cyber Security Analytics for various sectors. • Responsible for Malware analysis as a Service using state-of-the-art capability for detecting and analyzing malware behaviors • Develop, execute dynamic cyber security roadmaps & Deliver cyber security as a managed service • Identify high-value business assets, estimate a client's risk appetite & make decisions based upon risk exposure • Assess cyber security maturity levels & quantify cyber risk • Improve security posture to support the dynamic nature of business • Identify security weaknesses, design & implement a cyber remediation program • Securely adopt new technologies

Cyber Security Expert | Digital Expert at Maharashtra police Department

Jul 2016 - Present

Working cyber Security and Digital expert for Maharashtra Police Department

Director at AeroNube Technologies

Nov 2015 - Present

AeroNube is a result driven specialist IT Organization with extensive sector knowledge and experience in IT Staffing / Managed services & Software Development providing end to end IT services and solutions to different Fortune 500 clients. In today’s world, as business becomes more demanding, organizations need to re-engineer their IT Services & Solutions and need to be agile and flexible to meet ever-changing business expectations and that requires a broad-based and integrated capability – not just in skills, but across capabilities, types of engagements and service delivery models. Innovative strategies, Technological expertise and a holistic approach to commitments is the key differentiator to AeroNube’s Approach.

Interim CEO at DICCI

Jul 2015 - Present

Incubation Centre, Join initiative by DICCI & Telangana Govt.

Entrepreneur , Investor at AeroNube Technologies

Dec 2014 - Present

Sr. Vice President at Experis IT India

May 2014 - Present

Vice President at Experis IT India

Feb 2013 - Present

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