Oscar Monama

Marketing Disciple and Entrepreneur

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Business Excellence Business Education Adaptability Concepts Brand Advertising Conceptualization Creating Successful Businesses Branding Consultancy Contextual Advertising Branding Initiatives Setting up new businesses Events Negotiations Scalability
All in all, I see myself as a new generation of entrepreneur, that combine street knowledge- knowing how business today affects the normal person on the streets- with academic knowledge and corporate experience, with that I offer a solid communication skill, customer care experience, relationship building ability, good business ethics, marketing and business acumen woven with effective leadership capabilities and a global approach which operates locally.

I would sincerely welcome the opportunity to discuss your organizations goals and how I could assist in accomplishing them.

Oscar Monama

Specialties: Negotiation, strategy conceptualizing, event, brand and identity.

Commitee Member at Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce - Sandton Region

Nov 2015 - Present

Responsible for the Youth Chamber, working with private sector to address social cohesion, job creation, skills and community development.

Managing Director at OB GREEN ENERGY

Nov 2012 - Present

O.B. Green Energy (Pty) Ltd is a South African renewable energy company that aims to apply innovative technologies towards achieving South Africa's ambitious Renewable Energy target as set by the 2002 White paper from the Department of Minerals and Energy. As a proudly South African Company, O.B. Green Energy is a strong advocate for attaining the national goals of expanding the role of renewable energy, not just as an energy source but as an integral part of the economic, environmental and social aims of the country through the stimulation of the economy, job creation, rural empowerment and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Director: Strategy and Marketing at I AM EMERGE

Oct 2012 - Present

I AM EMERGE is a brand mobilisation agency specialising in out of the box solutions to the marketing needs of the brands we service. We provide the most effective method of communication with the market place for clients to explain and promote their vision and goals.We conceptualise and execute campaigns tailor made to suit clients needs incorporating both Activations and static media, predominantly for emerging market consumers. We have launched a Platform called Vuleka, aimed at supporting spaza shops in their growth and development Our services are aimed to create strategies to pioneer brands who want to penetrate new markets or solidify their current market positioning through various products we offer which are bill board bikes, industrial theatre/ stage trailer/ gazebos / clubs and commuter hub activations which can be measurable to ensure value for money and good return on investment. I AM Emerge creates intensive creative concepts that are derived from observing trends in consumer living and society ,primarily putting consumers in the forefront while amplifying ordinary activities in their daily lives and carving out opportunities to fulfill business objectives.


BA Marketing Communications at University of Johannesburg

Dec 2002 - May 2007

Specialising in brand management, media management, strategic account management or digital media marketing (3 years). Marketers are born communicators with excellent interpersonal skills. They take pride in harnessing the power of research. They know their clients and their consumers intimately, and they ensure that their marketing efforts have the client's goals in mind at all times.

Push pixels...
Shovel coal into server...
Create mockups...
Defend the wall...
Draft storyboard...
Disrupt an industry...
Achieve profitability...
Become a unicorn...
Become Batman...