Nanjunda Pratap Palecanda

Collaborator, Innovator, Entrepreneur, Technology Enabler - Student

Bengaluru Area, India

Business Model Transformation Organizational Culture
"The Greatest Pleasure Life has to offer is the satisfaction that flows from... participating in a difficult and constructive undertaking" (Bill Alle - CEO - 1945-68 - Boeing).

Creative intervention
Solving Problems using Technology
Digital Integration

Web Technology, Human Resource, Analytics & Wearables.
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ― Leonardo da Vinci

Trustee at Waste Impact

Jan 2017 - Present

Waste Impact supports low cost high impact solutions that catalyse change in the waste sector in India. Map l Incubate l Fund the Disruptive Ventures, that brings maximum Impact to managing Waste and people working in the sector.

Partner at Innoberator

Oct 2016 - Present

Innoberator is a game changer in the Startup Eco-System. Innoberator Collaborates with ventures to Innovate. In the process of Innoberating, We bring the best ecosystem and resources required to ensure the most effective execution of the unique Business Models that are already employed or developed in the process. We bring years of experience of dreaming and working towards realising those dreams, making mistakes, building Products, Raising Funds, Getting acquired, Creating wealth, making losses, ensuring people realise their dreams. Innoberator has partnered exclusively an Artificial Intelligence Technologies company to AI enable the ventures who have AI in they Product Roadmap. The whole purpose is to AI enable the Product / offering to take higher value proposition to the market and create larger value for the venture and the eco-system.

Co-house lead and Curator at House of Genius

Mar 2016 - Present

House of Genius is a global platform, which brings together Entrepreneurs and a diverse mix of Collaborators from the community for an evening of disruptive thinking, every month. It is convened to provide ideas and insights for those Start-ups who present their problem statement and any complexities related to their venture. You are running a Venture and if you need help with your Venture, feel free to reach out to me to present at the House of Genius, that is held in association with NSRCEL, IIMB. You can reach me on [email protected]