Jivan Ghadage

SR. MEAN stack Engineer.

Solapur, Maharashtra, India


899.78 /30mins

Short Biography

Madly in love with MEAN for now :-) Btw I am a startup enthusiast and would love to explore new technologies and solve challenging problems.


Freelance Software Engineer, Self-employed

Sep 2017 to Present

I am a professional MEAN stack developer, helped many startups to get off the ground with their MVP. 4+ Products 4+ Startups 3+ Years Experience with Nodejs, Angularjs, Express, Mongodb, API - REST. node.js nodejs expressjs mongodb typescript rxjs webpack javascript heroku aws s3 aws ses aws ec2 aws mongodb aws mongoose passportjs async babel gulp grunt pm2 steal devops angularjs angular4 laravel php mysql nginx apache ssl proxy

SR. MEAN developer, Socialwell

Apr 2017 to Aug 2017

I was responsible for 1) Product Development - Data centric Platform for Organizations 2) Team Development 3) MEAN Stack Here I take care of developing and shaping the product according to business requirements, Socialwell is early age startup and focused to solve challenging problems in social sector. 1) Custom forms building 2) Integrated BI with mean stack 3) Custom reports 4) Deep hierarchy of location structure

Lead Engineer, Scholarnex

Dec 2016 to Sep 2017

1) Product Building 2) Team Development 3) Mongodb, Nodejs, Express, Angularjs/Angular 4 (MEAN Stack), Elastic Search, AWS, Unit Testing, API Layer. I was lead product developer and managed to build a team of 20+ developers to get along with series of SAAS products. While working closely with all layer of startup e.g. business development, management, fund raising and developing a road map for product helped me to understand the detailed life cycle of a concept to product journey.

Developer, Atyourhouse

Feb 2014 to Nov 2016

LAMP developer, build/developed various e-commerce applications.

E2ebazzar, Freelance Web Developer

Dec 2012 to Feb 2014

LAMP developer


Engineering, Kolhapur institute of Technology

Feb 2011 to May 2015

Push pixels...
Shovel coal into server...
Create mockups...
Defend the wall...
Draft storyboard...
Disrupt an industry...
Achieve profitability...
Become a unicorn...
Become Batman...