Manu S Ajith

Technical Consultant, Elixir, Ruby, Golang

Cochin Area, India

Elixir APIs Distributed Systems

Senior software craftsman featuring expertise in Elixir, Ruby, Golang, web frameworks like Rails/sinatra, Phoenix and other programming languages, a passion for Web 2.0 trends, APIs, mash-ups and other disruptive technologies, and experience managing teams of talented and passionate young developers. High level of knowledge and interest in scalable Web Systems Architecture, Service Oriented Architecture, Data Science, Object Oriented Analysis and Design Patterns, Behavior Driven Development, Re-factoring, Mentoring, and Technical Writing.

Lately, my focus has been on building distributed systems involving Erlang/BEAM, along with web application scaling using cloud infrastructure and Amazon Web Services. Although I am solidly into Elixir/Ruby/Go I keep an open mind to other technology stacks​ like Haskell, Clojure and do whatever it takes to get something done properly.
I consistently make the right architectural decisions to make a product scalable with minimal friction.

I also have a keen interest in startup companies and the culture surrounding it.

Freelance Consultant at Freelancer Consultant; Self Employed.

Jul 2014 - Present

Working as a freelance consultant/contractor for start-ups in London, Australia, and Europe, help them build their MVP or SaaS, adding new features to their existing system, optimizing the existing stack to improve performance etc.

Founder at 9Piecesof8 Software Labs

Jul 2014 - Present

We are a product design and development agency helping our clients take their idea from papers to the real world. We leverage cutting edge technologies to give wings to the ideas. Our opinionated tech stack include Elixir/Phoenix combined with React/Redux, and also experiments with Elm