Malini Chaudhri. Ph.D. Dr.Ac(WHO)


दिल्ली, भारत

Sports medicine Acupuncture Therapists Book Author Alternative Medicine Governance
ISTE LM NO 71879 (Global license)
WHO(China) International license no Ac 12.02.1124(Alternative Med)

Orcid ID 0000-0003-4157-6690 (Scientist)

Education in

 Hong Kong/Colombo Alma Ata. Open International University for Complementary Sciences

USA. Institute of Integrative Healthcare.

Founder and CEO of Center for Wellness, authorized by ISTE, A START UP, arranged to the transformational economy, investors and accredited global education in the ecosystem. Interactive progress in library cat, research and development, technical standard listings, books, author platforms, public blogs, seminars and showcases.

Author of technical books in the new eco-system, alternative medicine systems in low level laser, sports massage and shiatsu. New ecosystems are characterized by digital values, support, big data and greater awareness.
I have Integrated and collaborated intensively with Amazon portals, Start Up social media channels, e-learning management portals , Start Up author portals, Wordpress author blogs.
With a past experience as Academy Qualification manager of a UK Ministry program on Cosmetology, spa and massage, I am familiar with British ministry listings of the Global Occupational Standard .
Integrating knowledge, therapies and experts with accreditation. I am associated with the ISO standard, NOS, IAO, WHO, ISLA, Quality Council of India, NABH, WALT, NAALT and other organizations. I give seminar, research developments and embrace futurism.
Conscious Interest in boosting technical, digital education, through digitally accepted certificate integrations as with LinkedIn that can support transformation of communities.
I have turned around significant companies that were in a crisis, and they emerged leaders during my tenure.

I develop books and blogs in the new systems, with employment of apps and display of great creativity to support the digital revolution. I manage sound principles in advocacy, arbitration and conflict resolution through consumer or other courts. I manage secure and beneficial financial forecasts and transactions, based on geo-location and industry.

I have had an interactive early career in China as a professor, and have since studied traditional chinese medicine as well as medical acupuncture. I have range and merit of knowledge systems located in Chinese source texts, as well as the greatest scientific invention in France,USAand Germany of medical laser acupuncture.

I am a content curator and creative writer in hobby and spare time.

Therapist and Laser scientist

I advise persons with debilities on techniques to support themselves with lasers. This helps patients worldwde.

Book writing, designing and cataloguing

New digital definitions demands a new language and idiom, a new design, a new market interface. I support these

Spa therapies education

I offer courses selectively overseas with digital certificate from a microsoft learning platform.

Authors Digital Enterprise
Neuromuscular Massage Therapy
Low level laser therapy book preview

Ph.D Dr.Ac( W.H.O lic) at Open International University for Complentary Sciences

Dec 1993 - Dec 2002

My higher education was based on Hong Kong/Colombo divisions of Alma Ata univ of Alternative medicine. I have thereafter studied in USA


LibraryThing medal

Library Thing is an Open access site for cataloguing Amazon Books and activating links to sites worldwide. I have placed some authors works in Open Libraries' Internet Archives, which has marked me as favourite, due to heavy web traffic towards my pages.

Ezine Expert author certificate

I was awarded an Expert Author certificate from Ezine articles


I was awarded the certificate from UK MInistry to manage the HABIA intnl qualification in Cosmetology, beauty, spa, for SAARC.

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