Kushal V. Mahajan

Senior Software Developer at Aegon Life

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

React.js Vue ReactJS Ionic Framework Javascript NodeJS Express.js AngularJS node.js JavaScript
Talk to me about front-end engineering.
Has a working knowledge of Javascript, ReactJs, Redux, PWAs, AWS( Lambdas and EC2), Express/NodeJs, SQL, AngularJs 1.x, Ionic1.x, Firebase and more...

My total code contributions can be found in a
 dedicated section here - https://github.com/kushalmahajan

I write occasionally and my published work can be found here - https://medium.com/@kushalvmahajan

Senior Software Developer at Aegon Life

Aug 2018 - Present

Day job involves working with Vue.js and Micro frontend stack POCs for migration.

Software Developer at Cogoport

Sep 2017 - Jun 2018

Handled - Buyer (customer behaviour) tracking for the website, - Indentified and Introduced store use case first time in so far React 14 dominant project for notifications. - Grasped React 16.x, redux to help setup with my team to upgrade to new stack - Built a Campaigns portal for internal marketing team. - Took a lead on new Buyer portal designs' development. Available at http://cogoport.com - Contributed to seller portal development in parallel to some extent. Available at http://cogoport.com/seller - Helped revamp Shipment Operations flow.

Associate systems Analyst at National Stock Exchange IT ( NSE.IT)

Dec 2016 - Dec 2016

Full stack Javascript (MEAN stack) development alongside App development on Ionic 1.x. 1. Merchant Portal - Responsible for lending hand in developing merchant portal Web to help merchants, banks, OEMs and client admins to keep track of service requests raised for an defects in present POS, place new requests for any equipment/part and also enquiry for new products/channels. It also incorporates hierarchical reports nationwide for dashboard admins. It has custom option to show hide modules for different entity logins and/or roles based on the configuration set up by Super admin for different modules 2. Merchant Portal App - Corresponding hybrid app for portal 3. Onthego Mobile App - Coded a hybrid app to help field engineers (FE) to resolve or un resolve various requests/complaints from merchants. It incorporates hierarchical role wise approval process of FEs and coordinators by their coordinators and Regional managers. It also has a push notifications through FCM(firebase)

Software Engineer at Justdial

Dec 2015 - Jun 2016

AngularJs developer responsible for handling custom flows for billing & inventory product - JDOMNI. JDOMNI is a digital business manager. It can host a catalogue of products for a shop, solve billing and inventory management. It also has an online store to allow purchase of shop items. Angular team worked on all but online store. Personally, I have handled custom flows of Outlet wise filtering system wide, Add missing taxes (sales and purchase), Allow/Stop customer credit for Customers - Multiple records update, module, Return from Customers, Order listing page, Add/Edit banking Details and Other minor UI changes or enhancements

Web developer at Alfa KPO Pvt. Ltd

Nov 2014 - Dec 2015

Custom websites for international clientele


Computer Science at Beant Singh College of Engineering and Technology

Jun 2009 - Jul 2013

I learnt LAMP stack. I went on to grasp the SQL fundamentals , Oracle PL/SQL and more

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