Kuldeep Yadav

Engineer, Airbus Group || Former Team Captain, IITK Motorsports

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Leadership : team building & mentoring c++ Aerospace Engineering python Mechanical Engineering MATLAB C# Software Development
Been a member of Society of Automotive Engineers for 4 years.
Led a team of 80 people to design and build a single seater formula race car while handling the budget of INR 8 million.
Working as an Engineer in Airbus India since July 2015.

You can contact me to discuss:
1. Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering career opportunities.
2. Resume building and Interview Preparation
3. About making your career decisions right.
4. About IIT JEE preparations
5. About your future choices in Aerospace.
6. About my past experiences and lessons learned.

Engineer at Airbus Group

Jun 2015 - Present


B.Tech - M.Tech (Dual degree), Mechanical Engineering at Indian Institute of technology Kanpur, Kanpur

Jun 2010 - Jun 2015

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