Kamal Tripathi

VP of Engg At Fliplearn. Technopreneur, Advisor/Mentor to no. of tech start-ups.

New Delhi Area, India


2000 /30mins

Short Biography

An IIT Delhi alumnus. Advises various tech start-ups. Technopreneur at heart, continuing the marriage of technology with products that make a difference in education domain now. I see this area as ripe for disruption and together with veterans of this field, I am proud to lead the execution. Earlier found right mix of technology and entrepreneurial spirit in Snapdeal. For past 4-5 years at Snapdeal has donned various hats of developer, engineering manager, product manager and wherever needed QA too for number of products. In initial years started teams which developed and scaled mobile site and order management functions within Snapdeal. During that experience learnt the ropes of managing high scale transactional system. Started and led mobile apps practice within Snapdeal and currently scaling the product and the team. Apart from mobile apps his team also develops various scalable products which help measure, hone mobile experience of the users. One of it is own Push Notifications with advanced segmentation capabilities. Have seen systems evolve from monolithic systems to SOA system. Current systems use mysql, java, spring, hibernate, mongoDB, memcache, aerospike etc Systems started within Snapdeal : 1) OMS (Order Management System): Responsible for taking orders, doing refunds/cancellations, customer communication etc. Have experience in handling distributed SOA architecture. Have been responsible for development of new feature, operational maintenance, scaling of these systems. 2) Mobile Site: Built a team to start off Mobile site. 3) Mobile Apps: Started and still managing a team which creates Mobile Apps (Windows, iOS, Android) front-end of Snapdeal. Team has been built right from first hire and is currently 60-70 members. Also manage Mobile API team which handles entire mobile traffic of Snapdeal. Other mobile apps initiatives underway. In versatile roles have also briefly managed Search (on SOLR), Catalog Management, Marketing (developing tools to help marketing teams in SEO and SEM efforts). Have grown Snapdeal with like-minded professionals. Love start-ups so if you have ideas you want to bounce off or need feedback or need help to take off, feel free to reach out. Domains :- Ecommerce, Mobile, Scalable Web, Backend infrastructure,


Vice President of Engineering, Fliplearn

Apr 2016 to Present

Currently heading Technology at Fliplearn. Having made a difference in ecommerce in the last stint, I am now rubbing shoulders with world's brightest curious minds to see how we can make an impact in education space through an online digital product. Exciting plans in place, for now I should stay and just execute

Vice President of Engineering, Fliplearn Education Pvt Ltd

Apr 2016 to Present

Currently trying to make a difference to education space thru technology. As a parent, ever felt that your kids are getting education in same rote learning way that you used to as a kid? Ever have frustrations tracking your kids progress or knowing of their daily assignments? Feel frustrated having to wait for school bus with your kids? As a kid do you feel lost tracking assignments, taking help from fellow students after school hours? As a teacher, is it cumbersome to write a note to parents. The answer to all such and more problems in one single app. That's the power of technology. In case you think how does it really transform education, it does not. Currently it takes away few pain points but road is wide ahead for us to innovate on this platform and give kids something so that learning is cheerful not fretful. I think it can be done with technology, understanding of child psychology.

Director of Engineering for Mobile, Snapdeal

Mar 2015 to Apr 2016

Working for Snapdeal. Have been helping Snapdeal execute the mobile strategy from technology perspective for last 2-3 years. Apart from this working on a product which we internally believe will be biggest disruptor and will help garner repeat transactions at virtually no marketing budget. That's the power of pure tech!! Last one year was phenomenal for mobile apps team, having built lots of products with small team and with amazing benefits. Now team has grown 8-10 fold. We need to find way to execute right things, execute still faster and keep innovating (some really cool things are on cards). Apart from Apps and API, we launched SD Push, new age notification platform which targets to send notifications to entire Snapdeal user base in mere 15-20 mins!! This is the future of marketing for any ecommerce and this product alone may drive 30-40% of traffic. It has been created from scratch, allows you to segment based on several axes of user activity (time of visit, no. of visits, category, product, orders etc). This would now be integrated in other "pearl" apps. API layer was scaled (2X-10X), made fault tolerant, secured and whole lot of other initiatives to make the system robust. Monitoring and alerting and other aspect too were strengthened. Aligning my team on these lines. Would love to talk to passionate people to join our team. In my team people grow slower because of limitations of aggression in them not because of limitation of opportunities.

Senior Engineering Manager, Snapdeal

Nov 2011 to Mar 2015


Mechanical Engineering, IIT Delhi

May 2000 to Apr 2004

, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

Dec 1999 to Dec 2003

High School, PCM, I, St. John School

Dec 1996 to Dec 1998

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Hi Kamal. Thank you for sharing your time and expertise. Appreciate it.

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