Kaustubh Nande (Keb)

Head Marketing | 'Content Mkt' of the Year- '17 | Ph.D. Advisor at IIM Lucknow | Board Member | Start-up Advisor

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

marketing strategy Corporate Strategy
As a results-driven, creative, resourceful Marketing/Biz-Dev. leader and marketer my focus is expanding a brand, deepening a company’s industry presence, managing national & global campaigns, and driving its product portfolio to rev-up profitable revenues.

Joining ANSYS—a deep technology company—seven years ago I brought to it experience with tech giants like Intel, IBM, and Symantec. Since then, many M&As and its internal growth resulted in a broad portfolio that needed proper positioning in the regional market, so I fashioned a marketing plan for existing products creating new synergies. Also, ANSYS’s demand-gen process was weak; its academia relationships needed rebuilding to leave a brand impression in students’ minds to create long-term loyalty; social media presence to engage the right customer community was in dire need; ANSYS needed to speed-up customer product adoption through training and other tools; and revenue leaks were screaming to be plugged-in, for amped-up sales.

These efforts have now culminated in ANSYS India becoming the fastest-growing territory in its global operations, with profitability to match.

The success on four major marketing fronts: Brand awareness, Demand Gen., Customer relationships, and a Unified culture is a result of galvanizing ANSYS by evaluating the reality of how ANSYS’s customers and market viewed what it meant to them. The transformation was ignited by gaps between what ANSYS thought it knew and what the regional customers voiced. The gaps were quickly translated into actions along these four themes, mobilizing ANSYS India to get on a path to where it enjoys its coveted global position today, continuing on that trajectory!

As Marketing/Biz-Dev. leader I see how what a company believes and what its customers experience are the foundational drivers for changing their engagement to benefit both: how it creates unique value to benefit customers’ business, and, in turn, becomes a success in its own right.

Board Member- Content Marketing Council at DMA

Aug 2016 - Present

The Data and Marketing Association's content council is set up to help industry ecosystem of marketers understand and adopt advanced, measurable and ethical content marketing practices. As a board member I focus on B2B marketing aimed at building effective strategies and operational policies to advance the content council's mission.

Member of Board- Automotive at SAEINDIA

Jul 2016 - Present

I was invited to join the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Board for a two year term (2016-18). The main agenda of the board is to drive industry initiatives around product development, IoT and Interconnected Vehicle Management more aggressively for the next few years.

Head Marketing at ANSYS, Inc.

Oct 2010 - Present

Set up world-class India marketing operations from scratch Brand Awareness: Low brand awareness and M&As begged for a brand and product story. •ID’d: users, influencer/media, and front-lines were critical for the brand story and to leverage cross selling; regional product synergies for acquired product lines w/local markets •Digital content and outreach plan told an effective ANSYS multi-physics and systems story. Working with online media/a PR agency upped customer brand recognition, for X2 deals. •The executive team and I were the effective media faces. •Result: Brand footprint up 3X measured by reach & worth by Y-3. Demand Generation (DG): Non-existent/ad hoc DG with massive revenue leaks. •Built the first cross-team systematic DG engine to measure funnel. Plugged-in a big revenue leak and booked >$1M Biz., for a 15% flagship products growth. •Sales & Technical teams owned co-created DG funnel. •Result: Rapid responses, better Q leads, and higher conversion exceeding goals. Customer & Exec. Relationships: Ties with mid-segment, academic, and industry-bodies had eroded. Co.’s holistic presence not only brings spot sales, but is also for a lasting brand impression: •Built a strategic marketing roadmap, gaining key local customers/academics for revenue growth. Channel revenue up 14X by Y-3. •Led the Auth. Training Center (ATC) Project, 18 Mo. plan-to-go-live effort, a global first. Now 2X adopted ANSYS, plugging the skills-gap. •Marketing, Biz-Dev and X-functional effort is yielding MoUs and Centers of Excellence (CoEs). •Student competitions have transformed academic brand •The first global FB page garnered a X2 India students, then transitioned to a global team. One-Co. Culture: With over 10 M&As in 10 Yrs., impacted culture, vitiating large-RFQs. •One-ANSYS culture in unified marquee events helped cohesion. More wins now with large RFQs.

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