Kartheek Nagasuri

Entrepreneur, Co-Founder - lilTriangle

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Internet Video Mobile Application Development Software Solution Architecture Software Design Creative Problem Solving
lilTriangle is a digital platform for preschools and schools, designed and developed to work throughout the globe with world class user experience.

60+ schools are using in Bangalore and happy with lilTriangle.

Features of lilTriangle
1. Communication
- lilTriangle provides rich, effective and noise-free communication platform for preschools. schools can send messages, photos, documents.
- SMS Service also integrated within the app, with a single touch you can send SMS to the whole school.
School can send different types of messages like Alerts, Assignments, Event Notifications and Notices
-Infant Diary
Daycares can inform parents about food, diaper change, medical and nap timings through this app
-Medical Details
Parents can fill in important medical information that school need to know
-Pickup and Drop
Parents can fill in the information of the person who is picking up the kid from the school in case they are not able to make it to the school for pickup

- Transport admin can track all your school buses using a single app.
- Parents can locate their school bus real time.

3.Fee Payments
- Raise invoices for school fee payment
- Collect, Track and Send Alerts
- Automatically generate fee receipts

4. Digital/Online Attendance
Attendance can be marked on the app. A notification is sent to the parents informing them that their child is in school.

5.Multi-school Management
Business owners and Franchise owners can monitor their school activity and performance from a single dashboard.

6.Data analytics/Statistics
Reports and Dashboard are available for attendance, queries, fee payments

7.Child Development
School can inform parents about what activities are taught to kids and get feedback from them.

8.Other Features
- Web application for admin activities
- Data privacy, phone numbers are hidden completely.

Co-Founder at lil Triangle

Apr 2014 - Present

Co-Founder at lil Triangle

Apr 2014 - Present

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