Kapil Dinani

Manager at Tredence

Bengaluru Area, India

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) SAS EG Advanced Business Analytics Teradata SQL Microsoft advance Excel Salesforce RStudio Logistic Regression python Linear Regression social media analytics Machine Learning Problem Solving Product Design PHP
Banking :

- Attrition Modeling
Built a multi-nomial logistic model for predicting attrition of customers from the Retail line of business for the U.S subsidiary of the second largest bank of Spain

Telecom :

-Social media Analytics

Performed “Sentiment Analysis” by creating a Predictive model using a Maximum Entropy Clasifier for the “tweets” pertaining to the client and created a sentiment score for each tweet based on the tweet content and their Geo-location

Performed Topic modeling using various algorithms viz. LDA, CTM, LSA to find out the common topics amongst a database of tweets pertaining to the client

- Recommender System
Create a “Recommender System” to recommend the next best product to a customer by creating an integrated customer score based on his value, behavior and network usage and hence recommend the next best product/ service to the customer

- Generating Customer Related Insights
Generating customer Insights based on the CSAT scores provided by the customers through feedbacks. Performing Driver Analysis to find out the key drivers affecting the CSAT score a customer. Performing clustering and EDA on the data to find out commonalities amongst different customers based on the feedback provided by the customer

Manager at Tredence

Dec 2015 - Present

Senior Business Analyst at Mu Sigma Business Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Aug 2012 - Oct 2014

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