Sandeep Thota

Exp.Engineer in the field of Telecommunications and Information Technology working across the board in global environment

Gainesville, Florida Area

LINUX Kubernetes Telecommunications Engineering Docker Computer Networking
I am currently pursuing my Masters degree in Computer Engineering at University of Florida, Gainesville. I am actively looking for Spring Internship/ co-op opportunities in Software Automation/ Dev, in the areas of Cloud Networking, Session Border Controller(SBC), VoIP, Computer Networks starting December 2016 / January 2017. I am willing to work for up to 12 months on CPT.

I am working as a Graduate Assistant on Kubernetes and Docker, in Scalable Software Systems Laboratory(S3 lab) at University of Florida.

- 3.5 Years of work experience in Telecom Product Automation
- Thorough understanding of Computer Networks, VoIP protocols like SIP
- Experience in testing of L2/L3 protocols
- Good coding, debugging and problem-solving skills
- Effective contribution as a team member or as an individual contributor

Session Border Controllers(SBC), Voice over IP(VoIP), Software Defined Networks(SDN)

OpenFlow 1.3, Open vSwitch, Mininet

Cloud & Virtualization:
Kubernetes, Docker, OpenStack, KVM, VMware vCenter, ESXi 5.0, OracleVirtualbox

Communication Protocols:
TCP/IP, Session Initiation Protocol(SIP), NAT, IPSec:ESP (IKE), ISAKMP

Python, Linux Shell,Java, C

Network Analysis:
Wireshark, tshark Verbose, tcpdump, Syslog, Access controlled lists

VoIP specific tools:
Ixia, Spectra 2,Sipp, Landslide

Bug Management tools:
Jira, Clear Quest, BugDB.

Graduate Student Assistant at University of Florida

Feb 2016 - Present

Scalable Software Systems Laboratory (S3Lab) I am working as a Graduate Assistant on Kubernetes, Docker and OpenStack in Scalable Software Systems Laboratory(S3 lab) at University of Florida. A project funded by NSF(National Science Foundation)


Master of Science at University of Florida

Jan 2016 - Present

B. Tech at National Institute of Technology

May 2006 - Jun 2010

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