Abhishek Jain

Design Enthusiast | Technology Evangelist | Staff Engineer at IBM

Pune Area, India

innovative ideas Enterprise Storage website developement Patent Drawings Disaster recovery Cloud Storage Storage Virtualization
Professional Experience :

* Expert understanding of SDLC/STLC and bug/issue life cycle during product development
* Expert in Black/White Box,Functional,Soak,Performance,Regression & Acceptance Testing
* Understanding of different agile process for delivering the product to customers in-time
* Good understanding of NAS/SAN storage features like RAID, snapshot, Backup, Disaster recovery etc
* Good understanding of different network protocols like pNFS, NFS, CIFS, TCP, SMB etc .
* 3+ years hand-on experience on object based NAS storage filesystem
* Experience in Distributed Linux file system testing with different IO load and operations
* Knowledge of some automated tools for IO load generation i.e. iozone,dd,dbench etc .
* Worked on different performance tools like swiftTest, SFSspec2008, Microsoft FSCT etc.
* Good knowledge in Unix & Shell scripting
* Understanding of Bug tracking tool JIRA and build and configuration tool Perforce

* High performance procurement Solutions For Industries
* Open source tech solutions For End Users

Staff Software Engineer , India System Development Lab at IBM

Feb 2015 - Present

Working on IBM Spectrum Storage (Storwize & SVC) product team and responsible for supporting Vmware VVOL feature with IBM SAN virtualization controller. Responsible for functional testing of Storwize for backup and recovery using various features such as FlashCopy, Global Mirror, Metro Mirror, cloud backup etc. Working closely with Test Architect for designing test automation strategy for cloud backup for Storwize family products.

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