Indranil Pandey

Quality Assurance Analyst

Gurgaon, India

LINUX Banking & Finance API Testing Black Box Testing Django python webframework Test Automation Framework Shell scripting Manual Testing Python Programming
Being a Quality Assurance Analyst and Automation specialist, I can provide help in scripting, testing and automation.

1. Knowledge of trading platform testing, trading application testing, embedded testing and automation framework development.
2. Basic knowledge about various trading protocol such as FIX, NEAT, OUCH etc.
3. Proficient in python and shell scripting. Basic knowledge of Perl and VB script.
4.Worked on various GUI automation tool such as Rational Robot ,Selenium , Auto IT and Sikuli
5.Knowledge of SCM tools such as Cruise Control and Jenkins, Staic Analysis tools such as Klockwork, Parasoft and Prevent
6. Knowledge about android framework, Linux file system and flash storage Devices,
7. Test suite development for eMMC, UFS firmware verification and validation using C.
8. Worked on various arm and x86 processors.
9.Quarterly award winner for performance.

Operating Systems : Linux, Windows, Android
Programming Languages : C, C++ , C# and Java
Scripting Languages : Perl, Python, VB, Shell scripting, Tcl, JavaScript
Automation Tool : Selenium, Sikuli, Auto IT
Micro Processors : ARM9, ARM11, x86
Boot loader : U-boot
Debugging Tools :JTAG, TRACE32

Quality Assurance Analyst at Tower Research Capital

Sep 2014 - Present

Testing for trading platform, python scripting, exchange protocols


bachelor of engineering at rgpv

Jul 2006 - Jun 2010

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Shovel coal into server...
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