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2:01 PM, 16th May 2018

Going mobile the "appy" way

  A lot of buzz is flying across industrial circles for the need to develop mobile applications. Leaving the technical part aside, many believe the process to be a costly and complex one. However, developing applications for the mobile and android platforms is similar to 'creating a logo' for your brand.

The How?

Developing a mobile application is done in three stages namely, analysis, execution and studying the results. At first every firm that wishes to develop a mobile app should answer these questions;

·         What is it for?

·         Who is it for?

·         How much are you willing to spend?

·         Is the intention to generate immediate profits or merely for promotion?

These basic points should be analyzed and the answers listed, before venturing into a mobile application development project. Once done, a strategy or plan needs to be created on how and how long it would take to execute that project. Besides, you need to introspect if you have the resources, or need to hire developers from third-party companies.

Nurturing your idea

An idea of a mobile application without a developer is equal to crops without their farmer. It goes nowhere! So let us go back to the first step. You have an idea, you invest technology, infrastructure and mobile developers in the project. So will that be enough? It would have been, if you were the only one to develop mobile applications.

That you are not, as development of mobile applications is almost a must for every major firm across the world now. The competition is fierce and that is exactly what you have to solve in the next stage. Research! Find what the competitors are doing. Check out their apps and try to find the unique quality in their developed apps that are attracting customers.

After that, you will have to skip a few steps and peek into the future. That's right! And this blog has nothing to do with seeing horoscopes or any of that stuff. Predict how the market will respond to your developed app. How? Use it yourself and conduct a quality check on the app. See if the design is good, if the features are user-friendly and if you (as a customer) do actually gain something from the app.


That's it! These three stages are all that's stopping from developing a successful mobile application. Does it still sound too difficult or complex? Well you can take an easy step and simply contactSGS Technologie; which specializes in mobile application development at competitive rates. So what's stopping you?

Go mobile the 'appy' way!

As Always,

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