Abhinav Unnam

Data Scientist at Curl Analytics

1:18 AM, 14th May 2018

Product Review : Stockpoll

If you want to reap financial blessings, you have to sow financially –  Joel Osteen

One of the interesting things on trend these days has been the growing public interest in India’s Stock Market.  The rise in educated middle class primarily owing to IT industry coupled with greater awareness has resulted in people looking beyond traditional investment vehicles.

Growth in Search Trends

Mutual Funds Vs BSE SENSEX Vs NIFTY 50

The search trends have really picked up pace in the last couple of years, this can also be partly be attributed to the superb returns delivered by the markets sans probably the last quarter.  It’s literally a straight line since 2016.

Learning Resources

Given the interest, there is a need for unbiased sources of information and learning material. I personally have been quite aware of the space given my stint as a research consultant with WorldQuant and having participated in new age quantitative projects such as Numerai.

Most of my reading material came from two sources. Investopedia & research papers from SSRN (Social Science Research Network). But both the places are tailored towards the western markets namely NYSE, with most authors researching and building for those markets.

Indian Context

When I decided to open my own demat account and trade in the India markets, search for quality sources of information came a cropper. Moneycontrol seemed liked the only serious source but with significant issues. I had a beef with them for couple of reasons :

No Introductory Stuff : Investopedia does a great job, but similar content with Indian context is lacking.

Poor & clunky UI : The other issue with the site is loads of information cluttered in multiple areas. This makes it both intimidating & poor for quick references during sessions.

Bots Riddled Forums : The forum which have lots of interesting features are riddled with loads of bots and spamming accounts. The quality control features with upvotes and account levels is largely in effective.


So, when one of my friend came up with a game based on the live market and a moderated forum. It seemed like a refreshing alternative. Having said that, the idea is still in a very nascent stage. The goal is to build a community with quality source of information and learning resources enabling sharing of experience and context for retail investors of India.

Given the vision, we wanted to understand if the larger populace faces the same challenges and problems. The larger community can take a critical look at the product and give some feedback, which can thus help us build better along those lines.


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