Udita Pal

3:58 PM, 26th Apr 2018

Monetise your Instagram

Why Instagram? Instagram is one of the most underrated and quickest places to monetize your skills, looks, and profile. And of course, to get brand deals.

Creating a Business Profile: The business profile is relevant because it gives you insights on your page and kind of, you will be selling your skills by that to get brand deals.

Picking username: Your username needs to either represent you completely. (If your name is Taylor Swift having ID from name yourcutenytmare makes no sense) if you are a company, then yes, it should represent your company entirely and try not to go too funny or quirky because not everyone appreciates it, and it also makes it hard to find you

(Blunder: Farah Khan tagged some ‘Ed Sheeran’ in her picture whereas he runs his ID from the name teddyphotos)

Optimizing the Instagram Bio: Make sure your ID is telling all the necessary details about you and try not to put some cringey bio. I have nothing against it but if you are trying to monetize, try sounding like a Product with description and not a screaming deal in a fish-market



Managing your setting: Your account needs to be public, but if you are not comfortable with people’s comments and messages you can always disable it, however, I keep them open so that they can leave feedback.

Understanding Instagram Feed: Give your users something aesthetically pleasing or an excellent content which makes you want to go back and watch it again and again. I can’t give an example of accounts which are wrong, but here is an example:-


Liza Koshy (@lizakoshy) • Instagram photos and videos

Liza Koshy (@lizzzak) • Instagram photos and videos


📺GABBIE HANNA (@thegabbieshow) • Instagram photos and videos

Zane Hijazi (@zane) • Instagram photos and videos

Curation of Content:-

1. Collaboration with people with a lot of followers

2. Funny Conversation Screenshot

3. Amazing Pictures

4. Pictures with funny captions

5. Anything you specialize in (Yoga, painting, dancing, singing make snippets and upload)

Right Caption with Hashtags: In case you don’t know caption increases Engagement Rate, so use relatable hashtags and at the same time make sure you are not making it ugly.

This is how you make an account which people can follow:-

1. Nice pictures

2. Nice/ Funny captions

3. Right hashtag

4. Don’t spam’s timeline

5. Know your niche

Patience:- You won’t make followers in a day or year for that matter, things take time, please don’t boost posts or buy fake followers- your engagement rate tells how many followers of yours are real. Having counterfeit followers can give you lousy image and probably no one will reach out to you. Also, you can’t wake up and get Instagram deals. Initially, you will have to buy products and review it yourself. After reaching 5,000 followers, you get the tag of influencers, and Btw, number people you are following should be less than a number of people following you.



Perks of being Instagram Based Influencer:-

1. Free Food, Clothes, Trips, gadgets, etc

2. Monetary Benefits

3. Individual Brand

Push pixels...
Shovel coal into server...
Create mockups...
Defend the wall...
Draft storyboard...
Disrupt an industry...
Achieve profitability...
Become a unicorn...
Become Batman...