Udita Pal

3:35 PM, 21st Jun 2018

Build Personal Brand on Social Media (5 Quick Hacks)

Are you tired of seeing celebrities or 'influencer' friends, making money on the Social Media platform? Or their lavish lifestyle? Or their talks in different colleges? 

Of course, such lifestyle is earned over a period of time once you have a proper monetizable fan base and unfortunately, there are no crash courses out there for building an online presence. 

But there are a few hacks that I can list down which can help you in boosting your personal brand. 

1. Find your niche: Before you start off with ruling the social media world you need to find your niche. 

  • If you think comedy sketches is your thing, you can go for Snapchat, Musically, Dubsmash, Oevo, Instagram, and YouTube.
  •  If you think you are good at taking pictures you can join Pinterest, We heart, Instagram or Flickr.
  • If writing is your call then you can go for Medium and Quora.
  • If you are super creative with witty one-liners, then Reddit communities and Twitter is best! 

(Be available on all the platforms but keep one as main!)

2. Be yourself: People are so busy trying to make it big in this rat race that they often forget to be themselves, for which people followed them in the first place.

Don't be out there on social media to be someone big, Be content with your content and have something to share with the world which particularly interests you. 

3. Clean up dirt on your name: Being a 'Public Figure' is not an easy job, you need to make sure that people can trust you and that can only be achieved when no matter how deep people scroll into the dark web, no one can find anything against you. 

 Try to maintain a tone, don't come up with content that can hurt people, in case you lose your cool, please apologize because people who make you a 'Public Figure' can break you too.

4. Be relatable & regular: Understand who your targeted audience or demographic is and make sure that you post and share content which is relatable to them. 

Be regular and active when it comes to posting, it helps in engaging your fan base.

5. Experiment & Be creative: Don't set yourself up for a niche until and unless you are done checking all the platform, don't settle for one. 

Try all, record feedback, fix up and then choose 'THE PLACE' Also, come up with creative ways of reaching people, creative content and positive vibes. 

Surya Shekhar

How can I build my network if I aim to be a technical advisor for young graduates and how can tapchief help me?

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Disrupt an industry...
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