Tarundeep Pathak

1:08 PM, 10th Jul 2018

A/B Testing and Split Testing in Email Marketing

Best subject line or subject line tips for that first email campaign

A question I usually have to ask clients the first time they start email marketing with us, and are ready to send their first campaign, is "what's the subject??" Given the fact that your first campaign is going to basically set the tone for future campaigns, what would your tips be, or do you have any subject lines that you/your clients have used, for that first campaign to go out the door? Let's assume for the sake of consistency, it's a campaign about a product or service (not a newsletter or specific promotion).

Answer :- 

Nice one Stephan - Here are a couple of ideas/variations. 

- Instead of "Introducing [product name] from [ABC company]" you could use "Introducing [product name]" as the subject and "[First Name] at [ABC company] as the friendly from. 

- If the product has any sort of excited associated with it, you could go with something like "The wait is over: Introducing [product name]." 

- If the product is unknown you could try "Say hello to [product name]" or "5 reasons you will NOT love [product name]" (this angle could be fun) or "Kick the tires and receive [promotion]" 

- You could leverage the subscriber's ego or sense of worth; "Because you have [whatever], we're opening opening up [product name] to you early" or "Give us your honest opinion, we can take it" or "[product name] is not for everyone, but you're not just anybody" 

- If the client has an existing brand or product they can leverage you could use "From the folks that brought you [old brand/product]" 

Why does everyone in the Internet Marketing World think that there is some big mystery about email marketing? Everyone who publishes articles about email marketing feels that this is some holy grail topic people can’t understand. There is no big mystery when it comes to email marketing.

There are four separate components that need to be working for you to have an effective email campaign.

The first is quality data. If you data sucks, so will your campaign because no one will get it or see it.

The second item is quality IP addresses. If you are mailing from blacklisted IP’s, your data, even if it is good data, will not get delivered.

The third thing is having your DNS setup properly. Having clean domains and correct A, MX, PTR and SPF Records is a must. If any one of these components is not working, neither will your campaign.

The fourth and final piece to this puzzle is a quality creative and good, non-spammy subject lines. When you use words like free, win, millions or winner, you will get yourself blocked before you can even get to the front door of the delivering ISP to drop off your note. The quality of your html creative is of equal importance as well. The use of spam scoring software like SpamAssassin will give you some insight into how ISP’s see your incoming email. A score of 5.0 or lower will help you not get blocked.

This isn’t brain surgery. Following the four simple steps I outlined above will help you succeed in getting your email delivered. Now getting into the inbox is another story and I will follow up on this topic with another post soon.

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