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6:43 PM, 6th Apr 2018

One last minute action changed my life forever!

During the early days of TapChief, when we had just launched our beta, I heard about a Startup Competition called Mindbatteries where the winner would be funded by Vijay Shekhar Sharma.  

I didn't think we had much of a chance and just delayed filling the form. Fifteen minutes before the midnight deadline, my co-founder reminded that we had to get this done & we literally wrote 2500+ words and paid the registration fee at 11.59 pm.  

2 months later, we had made it to the top 5 and I was pitching live in front of Vijay. We had never given ourselves a chance but he believed enough in us that we won the competition & his backing.  

I can't begin to tell how much of a difference that single moment has made in our trajectory so far and for a brief while I was also under the stupid illusion that last minute things work or are lucky.  

Being an engineer, you tend to pick up poor habits such as this one & also land up justifying it to yourself.  The startup journey, however teaches you the hard way. 

Today, planning & foresight is one of the most important facets I am trying to imbibe in myself and our team and its still a work in progress.

Hopefully, I can someday say I have fully unlearnt this! 

Rajib Layek

Good one Shashank :)

Shashank Murali

Thank you Rajib :)

Suresh Kansujiya

Awesome :)

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