Rajesh Rajan

5:43 PM, 27th Jun 2018

Part time CFOs for Ambitious Businesses

If you are interested in taking on a high caliber part-time Chief Financial Officer in Bangalore and would like to talk to us about your specific requirements please let us know.

We will be a very relevant in companies which are start ups and cannot take afford a full time CFO at that stage but nevertheless want to ensure that there is a tab on all financial aspects when it comes to growing rapidly, or family run concerns which may not want a full time CFO on board but would nevertheless want to have an independent viewpoint on specific issues, Venture capital companies who want an inside perspective on the investee firms and many other situations.

Our partnership with you includes a commitment to provide with you with a highly experienced senior chief financial officer with ‘big business experience’ for a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO. This includes:

team of part-time CFOs

The 12 box approach relates to:

1.     Cash Flow

2.     Profit

3.     Internal Controls

4.     Reporting

5.     Exit planning

6.     Risk

7.     Time table

8.     Funding

9.     Compliance

10.   Tax and planning

11.   Outsourcing

12.   Banking


We will take the time to understand your business and your requirements before pairing you with a part-time Chief Financial Officer, ensuring you get the best possible value from the newest expert addition to your team.



If you would like to speak to us in person please revert on email with your contact details    
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