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6:55 PM, 14th May 2018

How To Create Stunning Logo For Photography Website

Picking your photography brand’s logo is the first step towards establishing your brand. It will give you the necessary kick start and ‘business rush’ for your new venture. After its birth, it will be the face of your company, its ‘Brand signature’, for all to see and remember. Your logo will also accompany you throughout your photography career, appearing on your website, business cards, invoices etc.

Before creating or picking your logo, you must give a thought to various factors: your photography style, message you are trying to convey in your pictures, target group you will be marketing to, how you want to be looked at, complex or simple logo and so on. A quick reference to your Mood Board (we’re sure you would have one) at this stage would be productive.

Most budding photographers create a basic sketch of what they want their logo to look like and submit it to professional logo designers. Social media communities are a good place to find logo designers of all budgets. One may also make use of self help websites to bring their logo to life. There will be many options springing up in Google following a basic search.

Here we have a list of Do’s and Don’ts to help you find the right brand signature:

1. Know your brand

It is very important for you to consider your brand’s direction, what niche its will cater to, who you will be marketing to and so on. After careful thought, try and make the logo design in sync with the above factors. The logo should not be laughably inconsistent with the kind of photography you are doing. For example: In case of a real estate photographer, a logo containing a unicorn will not be the right fit!

2. Catchy and Professional

It is essential for your logo to be as per your business vision and goals. It should also accommodate and cater to the requisites of your customers. It is equally important for it to catch potential customer’s eye and convert them into paying ones. The logo should be business-y as well as hard to ignore and impossible to forget. After all, we need to generate business and pay bills at the end of the day.  And if you don’t know how to do it, Use Canva as your go-to photography logo maker tool. Well, it can do a lot more than that, but check out yourself.

3. Avoid Trends & Clichés

You owe it to your potential customers to provide a brand that is unique and rich. Be a trend setter, not a follower. Following the ‘in thing’ might be good in the short run, but shortens the life of a logo. Trends are fickle and come with an expiration date. Once it has passed, it is only categorized as an overused cliché. So we’re saying, rise above the crowd and chaos. Choose a logo that is timeless and a trend in itself.

4. Simple and Realistic

Ever heard of the phrase ‘Less is more’? The logo should not be having unnecessary designs, graphics, motifs, too many fonts etc. This only creates a lot of clutter and confusion. When there is too much going on, the viewers will also take time to see and recognise each element. This could lead to frustration and instant rejection of your brand. Hence, choose a simple design with an effective colour and suitable font.

5. Flexibility and Scalability

This is another reason to avoid complex designs for your logo. As discussed before, your logo will appear on many documents and marketing materials. Putting in too many details will only compromise its ability to appear clearly or be printed in smaller sizes. It will lose detail along with meaning and recognition. Quite possibly, it would look like a smudge!

6. Most importantly, Versatility

Professional photographers normally do not stick to the same logo throughout their careers, not even a span of ten years. They find the need to change it every now and then. Rebranding your business may sound tedious, but it is inevitable. With time as your business will evolve, so will your style and logo. So keep changing it till you get it right! But just remember to provide enough scope for versatility in every change, all the way!

So folks, that’s all from our side, time to wrap it up now. We hope we have provided you with all the help and guidance you came to us for. Thanks for choosing us and reading it all!

and of course, Happy Clicking!

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