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1:24 PM, 5th Apr 2018

Five Design Traits Of A Professional Website

Design is the most important aspect of any marketing campaign. This gets even more important when it comes to designing a website. No website can succeed in business goals unless it is designed as per the requirements of the customers.

Designing is a lot more than having knowledge of HTML, Css or photoshop. Being a designer, one must stay updated with the latest trends and hacks required to be a pro.

In the following article,I will cover 5 most important web designing tips you must know.

1. Minimalism, Learn it!

When it comes to web designing, always keep this in mind - Less is more. Too much information on a page confuses users. Too much data and users will run away from site. Keep some white blank space on homepage to give a light feel to your site. You can:

  1. Break lengthy paragraphs to short ones with large headings.

  2. Use images with light tone or whiter background.

  3. CTAs are important but keep in mind that too much of it will confuse the visitors.

2. Better Navigation

Missing links, poorly constructed main menu and shady redirects can kill the UX. Here is what you should do:

  1. Make sure the main navigation menu is big enough to click(or tap when you are on phone). Also it must not be too big as this will eat up precious above the fold space.

  2. You can make the menu static so that users can reach it easily when they scroll down.

  3. Do not undervalue the importance of footer. While it is true that many users do not scroll down to footer, it is also a fact that footer is the last thing seen on your site which might help a curious user to click an imp link.

  4. The logo must have a clickable link to your homepage.

  5. Keep a check on menu when on mobile. A side menu works great on mobile, it’s good to have one.

  6. Don’t make menu links crowded. Keep less and most relevant links only.

3. A Logo that suits

While you don’t have to spend a fortune at Logo Designing, it is very important to have one that suits your business. I believe logo design is something a founder or CEO must initiate on own, especially when they are just starting up. I advice trying canva for starting up with logo design ideas. It’s free, it’s easy and it can get your job done in seconds. Alternatively, you can also try fiverr, it’s worth the money :)

4.  Sliders are outdated

While most of the designers out there suggest to have sliders on homepage, I would suggest to opt out from sliders to avoid distractions. You can however opt for a huge static banner with some text to express your brand. There is one more benefit of having a static image, it improves site speed. Sliders often slow down page loading time but you won’t have any such issue with static design.

5. Stick to your color theme/palette

Spend good time finalizing the color theme of the site. Once done, make a color palette consisting of three colors very carefully. Now you have to stick to this exact color palette all over your website. You can check out color palette templates available for free online.

A well designed site can actually improve conversions and make visitors love your brand. Make sure to follow the above mentioned tips to get an awesome website created.

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